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  1. She really took one for the team with that vaccine.
  2. Your respect for the Uganda culture is so noted.
  3. I'm having an issue with the terminology. As I understand a person "defects" from a country that deems that action illegal. There's nothing illegal about an American citizen moving to Russia. She's an American citizen, right?
  4. lol. The Left threatening to 'bomb Target' because they caved to pressure by putting their rainbow displays in a less prominent place. Looks like it's the Bud Strategy of trying to placate everyone and making no one happy. June should certainly be entertaining at this rate!
  5. I see what you mean. Cleveland 19 News Receives Bomb Threat Against 5 Targets as Stores Face LGBTQ+ Controversy
  6. Pretty good deal if you get the $15 rebate. I wonder how low they will go.
  7. What part of "for children" did you miss? Just because something is published doesn't mean it should be in a school library.
  8. I think we can all agree that it would be racist to even VISIT Florida at this point. There are plenty of hotel rooms in NY, Chicago and SF.
  9. Ukraine War all but lost by Ukraine/See-Eye-A/Deep State. They will move on to Africa next.
  10. So you went all in on the "Trumpcine." No wonder you're so conflicted. Happy boosting! Heard they're combining it with the flu shot this fall.
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