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  1. Get back here Spackled I aint done with you. Ignoring me and talking about me out the side of your mouth isnt gonna work here nigga.
  2. I'm still waiting on my reward nigga. And I wouldn't trust a dumb slob like you with coordinating anything.
  3. Thats none of your business nigga.
  4. I'm still waiting on my reward nigga. Dont act all sheepish like nothing ever happened.
  5. That would have been nice self portrait if you picked the corn out of your teeth.
  6. That little monkey aint got nothin on your wildebeest.
  7. Dick Cheney is a scandalous nigga just like you. He calls people cowards when he is a coward himself.
  8. Your fat ass doesnt need any chicken wings. You should be in a gym picking up heavy things and putting them down.
  9. Your the last one who should be calling people cowards. Your a weak ass nigga who thinks hes all that but aint shit. Your always scheming and trying to look like a top dog but your really only a fat white guy who lives in a rats nest.
  10. Acting like a Karen will get you nowhere here if you dont like it go clutch your pearls somewhere else.
  11. I wish you would they would slap the shit out of you and take your wallet.
  12. You are a fed tryna control the narrative and that aint gonna work here nigga.
  13. I'll do what the fuck I whant. You aint got no authority over me. You self-important, entitled hollier than thou pricks can get fucked.
  14. This is what happens when two old white dudes roll up in here acting like they have some clout. They ain't got no fucking clout. They aint got shit. They should be in the corner sucking eachothers dicks because we aint putting up with them.
  15. You tryna be like taterhead now you don't know what you're talking about either. Whats up with these niggas runnin up on me runnin they mouths.
  16. Extra Extra read all about it 11 out of 15 people want Spackled's ass out of here.
  17. There you go again running your mouth while not knowing what your talking about. For that you will be enshrined as Asshole of the Month for October.
  18. Thats more like it. Theres no crying in Asshole of the Month threads. Only fighting.
  19. Do you think that Spackled isnt deserving of this designation? Would you like to be an Asshole of the Month instead?
  20. Can gays get married in Canada? Spackled might have his own BIG MIKE that hes trying to hide from us.
  21. Mornings are only good until you see Spackled's greasey mug pop up in the chat. Its worse than waking up with a skunks ass in your face.
  22. Sit down nigga I will get my reward. I will chase Spackled to the darkest corner of the planet where he can't hide and I will take what is rightfully mine.
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