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  1. So you are working on it….I hope it’s heart felt and touching.
  2. If you try to steal my democracy I will be part of the silent MAJORITY out in the streets.
  3. Of course the violent hateful Right wing extremists responds to this nut jobs post. Mod please take this down. To my Canadian friends these nuts not only hate their own country but others like theirs. Please don’t let their ignorance be a representation of America as a whole. Happy Canada day!
  4. Again Just like the wall, the drilling of wells Trump didn’t get it done. All talk and nothing…. Just like the infrastructure package… Gun control bill, nothing. Biden is getting it done.
  5. That has been debunked…Nice try… You do realize it takes up to 2 years to drill a new well. Biden hasn’t been if office long enough. You know who. What didn’t he do anything. Prices were going up in 2019.
  6. No haven’t seen what federal control can do to gas prices. Please explain.
  7. Let me understand limiting the EPA to ensure companies are in compliant with environmental regulations is facism. Yet attacking the capital to overthrow the elected government is what? Government taking control over Disney property governance is what? Government telling women they can’t have an abortion if raped is what? You need to be placed in an institution. You are to far gone.
  8. The fucking Washington Examiner said this: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/editorials/trump-proven-unfit-for-power-again?_amp=true You Trumpsters owe America an apology.
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