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  1. Ohhhh I get it now you don't know which cities are Russian and which ones are Ukrainian. Come on now both those cities are Ukrainian. Let me guess you have another Russian propaganda conspiracy. Please stop posting Russian propaganda on here.
  2. So show me where the bombed out areas of Russia are?
  3. Everyone but you and a few others are willfully stupid according to you. Ok then so please tell me how many Ukrainian soldiers are on Russian soil? Please provide photo or video evidence of Moscow being torn apart by bombing? Throw in a few hospitals to?
  4. RINO's you mean Terrorist Donald Trump? Mr Seditious Conspiracy? You support Domestic terrorism and attacks on Democracy?
  5. The entire article is incorrect. Zelenski is not looking to bid out the territory's. Instead the plan is to use the dollars and assets seized from Russian oligarchs, etc to help pay for reconstruction.
  6. Really? How about the author for one. Again how many Ukraine soldiers are occupying Russian territory's? Any bombings in Moscow? You know the real answer and by giving it will prove your Russian propaganda article is fake.
  7. Your article is fake. It's Russian propaganda from a Russian spin doctor. Can you please tell me how many Russian territory's have been occupied by Ukraine? Where are the pictures of Russian hospitals being bombed or even Moscow the city? Where is the physical evidence?
  8. No need... I have never had this happen. It's never been an issue so why should I be concerned about it?
  9. Live and let live. We have to have some boundaries for sure. Example: can I start a company and say i identify as a female. Say I want the female owned tax breaks? No I can't. Again boundaries...
  10. I am fine with all of that. I respect the LBGQT community. They have been through a lot. Doesn't mean I will attend every parade or celebration. They have a right to be free without judgement.
  11. Why do I need to??? I have never had an issue with pronouns. Why force it on me if I don't have an issue.
  12. No you completely misread my original statement. I am for anyone who wants to have a pronoun and calling them by it. What I am against is being forced to give my own pronoun. Two completely different things. If an employee said call me whatever you want I don't want to submit a pronoun that is fine. If someone wants to identify as a certain pronoun we must respect it.
  13. Is it possible you are being falsely lead by Russian propaganda? I know I will hear about the Iraq war and false pretenses of WMD's. That doesn't mean what's going on in Ukraine is the same thing. I have yet to see video of Moscow being bombed with Ukrainian soldiers on the ground. I havent seen it in any Russian city. Hospitals are being bombed in Ukraine. Heck I know someone who has witnessed it first hand. How many hospitals have been bombed in Russia? Where is the evidence? I know I will hear about Nazis in Ukraine as justification. It has been pointed out there are Nazi's in other countries as well. You and Hero seem to think you have the "Inside CIA Info" on what's really going on in Ukraine. Yet you have provided zero evidence that the Ukrainians attacked Russia. What you have provided is Russian propaganda provided by Russian spin doctors. I will admit I am wrong if you can accurately show us anywhere in Russia where Ukraine has invaded.
  14. I wouldn't ask them to stop. I will say I was in this situation with an employee as the Chief of the department. The employee transitioned to female and changed their name to a female name. A coworker of theirs refused to call them by their new female name based on religious beliefs. I told the employee to call their coworker by their new name. They refused and I told them if they didn't it could lead to their termination from the company. That stopped it.
  15. Yes I am fine with it. I would find it to be hilarious. A lot of really good inside jokes would come from it. People are waaaay to serious these days.
  16. Only issue is have is some employers forcing the pronouns on everyone. Please feel free to tell me your pronoun and I will respect it. I don't have to participate and put my pronoun out there. Call me whatever you want. I don't care it has never been an issue for me personally.
  17. The US economy has changed. We are more of a consumer based economy. The jobs require more education. I don't necessarily agree all these jobs need educations but that is where we are at.
  18. Why? Because I didn't grow up with a lot of money. I went to community college then transferred to a university where I worked full time and went to school part-time.i took out school loans. I then went to get my graduate degree while having very young kids. I didn't let excuses and road blocks get in my way. My story isn't just mine it's the same story for millions who now make a good living. I could have came up with every excuse but instead persevered. That is why..
  19. Lmao... Ever heard of supply assurance? I am not going to waste another breathe in you. You are an ignorant child who has no clue. Your parents should have put their foot up your ass.
  20. I do believe colleges need to be investigated for price gouging. Are generations before us (I am a millennial) better off? Look at the advances in technology alone. I think there is some good and some bad. When US companies moved manufacturing overseas I believe this is where things changed. The US moved to a more consumer based economy and a way went the better paying manufacturing jobs. This also lead to further greed by US companies and the pay structure became clearly out of whack. We also saw the significant reduction in unions which I believe also lead to wage disparity. Things tend to come back full circle and I think we will see better wages for workers and more manufacturing jobs in the future.
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