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  1. Lmao... Keep telling yourself that... You extremist.nut job. Everything is a conspiracy. You life is sooooo miserable this is what you have turned to. Commence to he self soothing...
  2. You are right it's not comparable. J6 is the largest crime in American history not even close. Per the FBI you know the boys in blue you supposedly support. Oh yeah doesn't fit your narrative.
  3. The nut job right wing extremist troll responds. Meanwhile his no separated wife is out getting stuffed.
  4. You are a KKK propagandist... Rumor has it your KKK post is going out to the Albany area media. Your photo included with your KKK post. Cop posts KKK hate on Bills site. With your extremist photo below. You are done!!!
  5. Can't handle the truth you extremist. This post must be kept. If not I will post another. Rumor has it your racist KKK post along with your photo is headed to the Albany area cops. You are in violation of the terms of use for posting racist KKk tweets.
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