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  1. What have you done with your life? Please share with us you contributions.
  2. Point taken Hip. Racism has lead to thousands of not millions of deaths throughout the world. That is where I see the similarity.
  3. None of us are perfect including myself. But for someone who goes around telling people to kill themselves has no morale high ground. Suicide is a serious issue and telling someone to commit this act is on the same level as calling someone the n word. Neither should happen but you continue to tell people to kill themselves. SMH
  4. Who cares... it's done and over with. Hip hasn't done it anymore and he is a great contributor here. Forgive and move on.
  5. Is Spike still in negotiations with BZ? Sorry couldn't resist.
  6. In the same speech he claims Jeb Bush was the president who got us into the Iraq war. A 77 year old with dimensia and a propensity to end the US constitution. Oh yeah and one cheeseburger away from a heart attack...
  7. You should get a job writing for a greeting card company.
  8. Time will tell... If Mendez is guilty and it's nothing looking good for him he should do prison time. Same for any other politician.
  9. What about the two tier justice system the right talks about. There goes that narrative.
  10. At the very least get a solid offensive line in front of him. They are going to get him killed.
  11. I agree .. I am concerned about Cook's durability. I think they will need more balance with Harris and Murray.
  12. The nursing home got you up early today. Enjoy your jello!
  13. You are the second coming of Tony Robbins. If ICR isn't motivated by this then all hope is lost. You would make a great hostage negotiator.
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