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  1. Procreation is fun, but the consequence can last a lifetime
  2. Is it true you were shat out of SpikedLemonade's ass when he was sucking off some guy?
  3. I am spiked, you are spiked, everyone is spiked.
  4. Mmmm, anal probe. What you say Balloon and Zach man, let's get fisted.
  5. Although to be sure, I ain't one in a position to talk.
  6. The rest of you stay out of my head. This is purely a talk between me and my mults
  7. Now just a second boy, there can only be one of us on here and you son are an imposter.
  8. Spiked, the other voices in your head don't want you posting pics of your mother
  9. I am not the bow flex body I am me. I am you I am spiked!
  10. Sup bro? Aren't we all spiked? You're spiked, I'm spiked. Hell even spiked is spiked. . . .
  11. Do you have any more pics of ugly fat bitches? I need jerkoff material
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