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  1. Lit still (not so) secretly hates Allen, and lusts after the other Josh. This place is stuck in a time warp. Nothing ever changes.
  2. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
  3. WTF? Was this article translated from a different language? I had to reread each of the first three paragraphs five times, and I still don't understand what this incompetent hack was failing to communicate. This is the state of the Wall Street Journal in 2020? Good God.
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
  5. My son passed away on June 2 (this month). I found him. I relive that sight about 100 times a day now, and probably will for the rest of my life. But thanks, Ryan. As always you're a real class act. I won't be lurking here anymore, so, have fun pretending to be other people and throwing pre-pubescent shit fits over things that don't amount to a coffee mug full of dog piss. You're a truly useless human being.
  6. By the way, how does "Not if you have a brain it doesn't" qualify as an attack? It means that it's not too hard to figure out. You asked a question. I gave an answer, with the precursor that it wasn't particularly difficult to answer your question. The "brain" in question speaks to the person answering. But here's the problem. It wasn't a real question. It was a typical, bullshit, "Im smarter than everyone on the planet, so how about if one of you imbeciles explain to me why McDermott is such a hypocrite that he jettisoned a world class human being (sniff-sniff, continues, choking back tears) like Marcel Dareus, while keeping a reprobate wife beater like LeSean McCoy? It wasn't a question at all. It was the same lame ass, womanly, passive-aggressive trolling.
  7. Hahaha!!! Is that a threat? What, are you going to hack me? Steal my password and post Communist propaganda? Read my personal messages? Maybe if you weren't Mike Schopp Jr, and every fiber of your being wasn't devoted to trolling for the purpose of propping up your self esteem, you wouldn't get attacked so much. But I get it. Some form of mental illness compels you to try to convince people that Tuh-ROD Taylor is a franchise QB, and that Sean McDermott knows infinitely less about football than you do, despite his appearing in a Super Bowl as a Defensive Coordinator. If only he'd had an uncle to break down film with! Save the threats for the little weenies like Coastal. You fuck with me.... God won't be able to help you.
  8. Not if you have a brain, it's not. It's actually very simple. His off field trouble don't affect his behavior as a teammate or player. He works hard and learns the offense and game plans. He's a good teammate, and he's crazy talented. The idiots who get shipped out don't fit the above description. They're whiners, malcontents, or imbeciles who can't grasp the system. This is a coaching staff with serious pedigree and hardware. I know this criticism is just message board masturbation for you, in your ongoing efforts to convince people that you're smarter than they are, but nobody's buying it. These are accomplished coaches building a unit. And the staff, which took a team with very little talent to the playoffs last year, is even better and filled with more accomplished coaches this season. It's really pathetic watching your unhealthy, borderline mentally ill obsession with propping up your self image on a nearly defunct message board populated by about a dozen regular users. Here's the truth: You don't know shit. PS: I don't even like Shady. But he clearly had nothing to do with his ex GF getting beat up. And I can see why they keep him around. There's a dividing line, beyond which your baggage exceeds your value. Once you cross that line, you're sent packing. McCoy hasn't crossed that line. Your boyfriend Dareus did.
  9. I read an article in The Athletic today, in which Beane was adamant that they would have kept 3 QBs, had the Raiders not offered a 5th for AJ. The way this OL looks, they're going to need a 3rd QB. All it takes is one injury to Peterman, and you need another QB (to backup Allen). You can't go into a game week with Allen and an emergency QB. But, like I said earlier, if you get down to QB3, you're screwed anyway. So it doesn't really matter either way.
  10. If you think that adding a spokesperson--ANY spokesperson--can make up for that kind of loss, then this is really a lost conversation. Add in that this particular spokesperson is surely going to cause even greater losses, and there's no way anyone can call this anything but a disaster for Nike. I wouldn't be shocked if they dropped him.
  11. Bullshit. You assume that every 25 year old supports Kaepernick. This just in--they don't. Also, they're living in their parents basements, have no jobs, and have to wear Payless. (Since we're generalizing).
  12. Bullshit! He's perpetuating a fucking FICTION! "Hands up, don't shoot" NEVER. FUCKING. HAPPENED. He's making things WAY worse. If he really wanted to make things better, he would talk about black on black crime, which exceeds police violence by a multiplier of thousands. Instead, he perpetuates a myth, which further divides this country.
  13. We damn sure will find out. And it won't be pretty for Nike. People who support Kaepernick aren't going to run out and buy Nike shoes. But you can be damn sure that the 50% of the country who see Kaeprenick as the America hating piece of shit that he is will avoid buying Nike. It's a piss poor business decision. They just lost a huge percentage of potential buyers. While many people who agree were probably already buying from them. It's always easier to motivate people to avoid something than to motivate them to buy something. It will be a massive net loss.
  14. No, I don't think he was pushing for Allen. I think he was trying to make it look like he was, though.
  15. Wait, you think they're bringing in guys like Lynch with an eye on starting them? I absolutely don't think that. McDermott loves Peterman. He is the waking personification of "the Process". I think Peterman is Fitzpatrick 2.0. Great guy. Very smart. But lacking the physical tools to be a franchise QB. But McD is clearly dug in on him.
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