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  1. so he's gonna jump soon and post his whole 2nd "Truth"? lol, that pile of shit site is a disaster. Every R is desperate to keep fatfuk off twitter. The daily outrage got old a long time ago.
  2. Maybe do a tiny bit of research before you jump into the MAGAT narrative. Disney was granted a special operating district where they essentially taxed themselves in order to pay for the municipal services they would have paid to Orange County. They were completely self sufficient unlike the rest of Orange County that is not allowed to distinguish between those that can afford to pay and those that cannot. So now Disney's municipal costs are sent back to Orange County for its population to absorb on a pro rata basis. Disney actually wins in this scenario but hey, you MAGATs put the wood to mickey, amirite?
  3. It's a total self-own by DeSantis.... The new law gets rid of Disney’s special improvement district, a catered tax setup established in 1967 which allows the company to run its own fire department and sewer services. Now, the protected area known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District will dissolve in June 2023 — and it appears that the House of Mouse won’t be paying the price. As the arrangement currently stands, Disney is basically allowed to tax itself to pay for utilities and infrastructure; according to the tax collector for the adjacent Orange County, the Reedy Creek Improvement District brings in around $105 million per year in general revenue, in addition to tens of millions in annual property taxes. When the district turns into a pumpkin next year, residents in nearby Orange and Osceola Counties must pitch in for the maintenance of utilities, waste management, and emergency services inside the 25,000-acre theme park attended by over 58 million visitors each year. More importantly, local governments will become responsible for Reedy Creek’s liabilities, including roughly $1 billion in outstanding bonds, which could mean additional debt burdens as high as $2,800 for a family of four in Orange County, according to the local ABC affiliate. “I don’t see how Orange County doesn’t raise property taxes by 20 percent to 25 percent,” the local tax collector Scott Randolph said. lol, where's my sad trombone?
  4. trick question! he was licking trumps balls when that was revealed. so he was otherwise preoccupied, preventing him from complaining about the unfairness of it all.
  5. no one knows who is the funding source behind the federalist. So if sack of shit is so worried about presidents paying their fair share of taxes, where was he when this shit was uncovered? Trump paid no federal income taxes in 11 of 18 years that The Times examined. In 2017, after he became president, his tax bill was only $750.
  6. BTW, masks on planes were an absolute joke. they are off better than half the flight because it was ok if you are eating or drinking. somehow that wasnt a risk but when you are just sitting there watching some shitty movie ur contagious. fucking stupid.
  7. sooooo glad this shit is over. fuck masks. that's 4 planes a week i get to breath on normally.
  8. youre welcome Sabres top prospect Owen Power has debut to remember in Buffalo’s win over Maple Leafs By John Vogl Apr 12, 2022 36 TORONTO — When Owen Power attended Maple Leafs games as a kid, he never said much. “He didn’t like to talk when the game was on,” his father, Zee Power, said. “He just liked to study the game. He focused 100 percent on the game.” Some things never change. In his NHL debut Tuesday, Power focused completely on the Maple Leafs. He helped shut them down. The Sabres’ top prospect skated nearly 20 minutes — including more than nine against Auston Matthews — and celebrated a 5-2 win over his hometown team. It was memorable from the morning skate to the postgame bus ride to Buffalo. “This is something you dream of as a kid,” Power said at Scotiabank Arena. “It was a good start.” That’s an understatement from an understated player. “He did a tremendous job,” coach Don Granato said. “I have no doubt he’s rehearsed in his mind being in this building and this league many times, and it looked like it. He looked very natural from the drop of the puck.” Last year’s No. 1 pick did a bit of everything in his first outing. He celebrated two goals with teammates, killed penalties, skated four-on-four and stared down the NHL’s best goal scorer during his 19 minutes, 50 seconds of ice time. “I feel like he’s been in the league 10 years already, and it’s his first game,” Sabres forward Alex Tuch said. “It seems like a really easy game out there for him.” Power handled every challenge well. “I knew it was going to be a step up,” he said, “but I think at the end of the day, it’s just hockey but against better players.” The Sabres sent Power onto the ice alone in the pregame skate for his rookie lap. A group of friends and family filled the seats near the tunnel, holding signs that glamorized Power’s draft photo. Across the ice, another cluster clad in Power jerseys cheered and pounded the glass as he skated by with his long hair blowing in the wind. Power didn’t have to wait for his opening shift. Granato put the rookie in the starting lineup alongside Henri Jokiharju and forwards Kyle Okposo, Zemgus Girgensons and Peyton Krebs, a fivesome that spent much of the night together. “Honestly, I have no anxiety with him because I’ve watched him play so much,” Granato said. “He’s a No. 1 pick overall, an elite player, and he has such a calm to him, a presence to him. “I just knew he would get a feel for the pace right away.” Here are the highlights in a shift-by-shift breakdown. First period Shift No. 1: Power touched the puck immediately as the Sabres won the opening faceoff. He passed to Girgensons for a dump-in, and Matthews lifted the puck over the glass for a delay of game just 32 seconds in. Power and Matthews shared the ice for 9:25, according to Natural Stat Trick, a daunting total for any defenseman, let alone a 19-year-old who was a college sophomore last week. “It was pretty cool,” Power said. “He’s someone I’ve watched since he’s been in the league and been one of my favorite players to watch as a fan, so he’s definitely impressive. It was a lot of fun to be out there with him.” No. 2: Because of the special teams play brought on by the opening shift, Power sat for more than three minutes before returning to the ice. The lefty skated across the blue line to keep the puck on the right side of the Toronto zone. No. 3: This was fun. As the teams prepared to skate four-on-four, Granato sent a defense pairing of Power and Rasmus Dahlin — the No. 1 picks from 2021 and 2018. The shift featured Power’s play of the game. As Toronto’s Mark Giordano and Matthews headed toward him on a two-on-one, Power positioned himself in the middle of the duo. The 6-foot-6 defender stole Giordano’s pass intended for Matthews, preventing a scoring chance and making it look easy. “It was unbelievable,” Tuch said. “He’s got a big, long stick and he’s a big body, so he’s going to cover a lot of the ice.” “I knew Matthews was on the other side,” Power said, “so I was more worried about not letting him get the puck.” He didn’t. No. 6: After sending an outlet pass to Rasmus Asplund, Power got tangled with Mitch Marner near the blue line and hit the ice. It opened a lane for Matthews down the middle, but Craig Anderson was up to the task and kept Power from his first goal against. No. 7: Power showed his mobility, stepping around William Nylander to find John Hayden with an outlet pass to clear the Buffalo zone. No. 9: Power had a chance at his inaugural shot from the top of the Leafs’ zone but opted to pass left to Jokiharju. No. 10: The rookie’s mobility was needed again. With Anderson down and the puck sitting near the post, Power scooped it up and zipped around the back of the cage to help Buffalo clear the zone. “He has such a good feel for the game,” Granato said. “The game is less of a stress to him than others.” Second period No. 11: Marner hounded Power along the blue line, forcing the Sabres defenseman to leave the Toronto zone with the puck. No. 13: One of the NHL’s youngest players won a battle against one of the oldest as the 19-year-old stole the puck from 38-year-old Jason Spezza. No. 14: There was activity at both ends as Power rushed back to try to stop a stretch pass to Marner. The Leafs forward still got the puck and set up Matthews for a prime scoring chance. Power then went to the other end to join Jeff Skinner on a rush, but the left winger curled back rather than try a risky pass. No. 15: Power showed the awareness that allowed him to control games in Michigan. With the puck in the Toronto zone, he glanced over his shoulder and saw forward Vinnie Hinostroza backing him up. Power quickly pinched to pressure the Leafs puck carrier. “I’m someone who likes to go as much as I can, but obviously you’ve got to manage it,” he said. No. 17: Granato sent the rookie out for another four-on-four situation, but Power’s shift with Jacob Bryson lasted just 30 seconds. Third period No. 20: The defenseman had four shifts longer than a minute during the third period, starting with this one. Still, he closed it by getting in the way of Toronto’s point shot. No. 21: Skinner gave Buffalo a 3-1 lead, and Power joined his first goal celebration. No. 22: Dahlin had built the lead to 4-1, so Granato sent Power out for a short-handed shift that lasted 1:11. It was valuable experience. “We don’t fear the mistake,” Granato said. “We know they’re going to learn from it, so we want to get them against top players in key situations, knowing these are guys who are going to be here for a while. These are core guys for us.” No. 26: Asplund sealed the win with an empty-net goal, and Power enjoyed his second group hug. He enjoyed everything. “It was a good start to kind of get my toes wet,” he said, “but I think I definitely could be a lot better.” It should be a fun career to watch. “He’s got a really bright future ahead of him,” Tuch said. “He’ll be a superstar in this league.”
  9. There is no easy solution, but I am entirely in favor of giving those amazing ppl more and better weapons to repel the war criminals. this is going to be a protracted engagement because NATO is hamstrung from providing all out support to subdue russia (cause of the nukes). thanks to the UA ppl for working so hard with so much sacrifice to repel the criminal invaders. you know, the scum you like to pal around with in this shit hole are hoping the UA ppl fall to the war criminals. Worse, they think the UA ppl should lay down to the invaders. Tell me, jethro, do you think that is what they should do? Regardless, if they did do lay down like the traitor MAGATs think they should, do you think Pooty will stop at Ukraine? or will he move on to more border countries? and after they lay down as the MAGATs will require, will he stop there or go on to poland and hungary and bulgaria and then to the rest of europe?
  10. Wasnt talking to you, jethro, although you regularly embrace the garbage ppl on here that support war crimes and that disgusting bag of gelatinous pig vomit. ur more than likely one of those ppl that likes to talk a "big" game but are just a wannabe MAGATs cause you think acting like one is a way of sticking it to the man. pretty lame but at least you arent the malignant shit that you like to pal around with in this shit hole. at least I dont think you are. it's easter weekend, an excellent time for you to ask forgiveness for your transgressions.
  11. Kind of amazing when you think about it, that there are troll in this shit hole that stand with the murderers and war criminals. like literally parrotting the russian propaganda and throwing full support behind the mass murder. Goes hand in hand with being a trumpist. I bet the next thing they start advocating for is russia to start up some camps for a, you know, final solution. https://war.ukraine.ua/russia-war-crimes/
  12. This was a better title for this thread.
  13. when it involves war crimes, yes. You are going to look even stupider than you do now (I know, hard to imagine that's possible) when the evidence overwhelms your ability to brush it aside...... oh wait, that already happened. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/04/04/world/ukraine-russia-war#bucha-ukraine-bodies
  14. Except that is EXACTLY what you are doing. It's the tried and true trick of the MAGAT, The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. oh, and then there is the MAGAT's favorite bogeyman of China, throwing in with Russia cause hey, what's a little genocide among war criminals. While Russian troops have battered Ukraine, officials in China have been meeting behind closed doors to study a Communist Party-produced documentary that extols President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as a hero. The humiliating collapse of the Soviet Union, the video says, was the result of efforts by the United States to destroy its legitimacy. With swelling music and sunny scenes of present-day Moscow, the documentary praises Mr. Putin for restoring Stalin’s standing as a great wartime leader [who just happens to be history's worst murderer] and for renewing patriotic pride in Russia’s past. To the world, China casts itself as a principled onlooker of the war in Ukraine, not picking sides, simply seeking peace. At home, though, the Chinese Communist Party is pushing a campaign that paints Russia as a long-suffering victim rather than an aggressor and defends China’s strong ties with Moscow as vital. Chinese universities have organized classes to give students a “correct understanding” of the war, often highlighting Russia’s grievances with the West. Party newspapers have run series of commentaries blaming the United States for the conflict. There is no bottom for a MAGAT.
  15. MAGATs will say, I'm with it. Murderous war criminals are just my thing.
  16. well, I dont know about you, but the war criminals I've met tended to admit their crimes. sort of like they are proud of what they did. is this a fake? How about this? this? whatever, you MAGATs are shameless liars that parrot russian talking points and defend atrocities. special place in hell for vile rats like you.
  17. eat shit MAGAT. you're parroting the kremlin like a good little fascist. Antonov told Newsweek via email that the accusation that Russian troops were responsible for the mass killing of civilians in Bucha is "false. Let me remind you that all Russian units withdrew completely from Bucha as early as March 30," he said. "All these days, the Ukrainian authorities have been remaining silent and now they suddenly show up with some sensational photos with a view to denigrating Russia and making our country give explanations."
  18. nah, I think you should go on over and slap russian flag on your ass and jump in on a few executions. would really spruce up your day.
  19. what's that What about that? you really are disgusting.
  20. does perspective make ppl any less dead? asking for a few that cant on their own....
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