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  1. do reasonable ppl gets hysterical over an invasion of a sovereign nation and wholesale, intentional slaughter of civilians in a war of aggression? of course not! What reasonable ppl should do is lay down, take it in the ass from war criminals and then get their popcorn out when the war criminals ride into the next country and the next and so on. this is exactly how to avoid WWIII. Let the aggressor have his way. it will always work out the best with that approach!
  2. Eat shit MAGAT. the only nazis are the ones that do this:
  3. Neville Chamberlin called from the great beyond asking for his foreign policy back.
  4. "In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law," Greene allegedly texted Meadows on Jan. 17, 2021, an apparent reference to martial law, which involves the suspension of civil law and military control of the government.
  5. I kinda think you'd remember if you asked the COS to get the fat demented sack of pig vomit to impose "Marshall" law.
  6. The ability of MAGATs to twist themselves into knots to defend the cult leader is an entertaining spectacle of pure hypocrisy.
  7. lol, youre kidding right? Do you need me to post just the gaffes from the last week or so? the fatfuk couldnt even remember the name of his own (lame-ass) twitter ripoff.
  8. riiiiiight, cause what happens outside our borders NEVER affects us back home. Christ Lavrov just claimed that Hitler was a jew but hey, MAGATs support the russians cause they are completely on-brand. pathetic.
  9. Yoda say Also, name this band:
  10. Margie Three Toes is just admitting what she did years ago.
  11. the "tough guys" always end up like this He could be heard weeping over the teleconference line several times through the remainder of the hearing.
  12. reasonable people know the election was legit. seditious MAGATs claim, without proof, the election was stolen. there's no in between.
  13. One Term Presidents List John Adams John Quincy Adams Martin Van Buren James K Polk Franklin Pierce James Buchanan Rutherford B Hayes Benjamin Harrison William Taft Herbert Hoover Jimmy Carter George HW Bush Donald Trump So there ya go, your boy is in with the likes of Jimmy Carter (who at leas lost to Reagan) and Herbert fucking Hoover.
  14. Mark Leibovich eviscerated fatass the giant Loser Trump’s wasn’t an ordinary election defeat, either. Some nervy Republican challenger needs to remind everyone how rare it is for an incumbent president to lose reelection, and also that Trump was perhaps the most graceless loser and insufferable whiner in presidential history—the first outgoing commander in chief in 152 years to skip his successor’s swearing-in. And that he dragged a lot of Republicans down with him. As Comstock hinted, Trump was the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over his party’s loss of the House, Senate, and White House in a single term. Said nervy Republican challenger could even (just for fun) remind the former president that he once called the person he lost to “the worst presidential candidate in the history of presidential politics.” “So what does that make you, sir? At least Jimmy Carter lost to, you know, Ronald Reagan.”
  15. of all the stupid shit you have posted, this is the stupidest yet, and that's by light years. Congrats on setting the new standard!
  16. you cant possibly be this stupid. lol j/k you are every bit that stupid. Fatfuk is so consumed with politics he barely has time to grift his mouth breathing cult out their hard earned welfare money. have you sent your share in yet?
  17. Since Fatfuk is a politician, then you dumbass MAGATs should do the opposite of what he wants.
  18. Like I've said a million times, it aint TDS if the shitbird won't go away...... this coming from the likes of Britt Hume and the former Editor-in-chief of the WSJ: .... it says something about the malaise in the very soul of the Republican Party that so many of its prominent members say one thing behind Mr. Trump’s back and another to his face. Democrats speak a lot about the “big lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. But the continuing bigger and more consequential lie is the fundamental dishonesty at the heart of the relationship between the Republican Party and Mr. Trump himself. With the exception of a few demented types in Congress and the media, they don’t believe that the 2020 election was stolen from Mr. Trump. They don’t think that the Jan. 6 riot was a legitimate act of protest or the work of federal agents provocateurs. They fear that a Trump-led Republican ticket presents them with a lose-lose proposition in 2024: Either he continues his well-established pattern of losing the party elections—the 2018 midterms, the 2020 general election, the 2021 Georgia senate runoffs—or he wins and condemns them to another, potentially even more chaotic four years of his distinctive leadership. The prayerful, desperate hope of most of them is that somehow he doesn’t run again in 2024, a wish that every day looks less likely to be fulfilled. [more evidence it aint TDS: he a candidate for Pres] Some of them hope, with or without malice, that he might be too old or somehow physically incapacitated from running again. Here is the fundamental truth: the Republican Party is too important a political institution to continue to be a vehicle for this grand deception. The mess the other party has made of the country in 15 months is too extensive to risk the chance of further damage. There are too many capable Republicans who uphold high conservative ideals while embracing the populist values that are energizing the party’s base, understand the need to abide by the U.S. Constitution, and believe in the importance of a Republican victory more than the satisfaction of their own self-grievance for it to be willingly shackled once again to the vanities of a cynical opportunist.
  19. woof, dude got roasted..... If you’re trying to blow your own face off and fall down a sewer for comedic effect instead of securing a playoff spot, you’d have to give the Vegas Golden Knights an Emmy for their performance last night.... Vegas controlled most of the game fairly well, and looked pretty damn comfy leading 4-2 with three minutes to go, and then... Nick Bonino makes it 4-3 in the 3rd as he capitalizes on a Vegas turnover to blast a long range… And then this happened, in utterly groin-grabbingly hilarious and satisfying fashion.... Timo Meier scores with 0.9 seconds left of regulation to tie the game 4-4 and send it to overtime Vegas managed a couple prayers [in OT] from deep that didn’t trouble James Reimer. Then they failed to beat Reimer in the shootout, grabbing only one point when they needed two... [Now for the good stuff....] In his last five games, Eichel has one goal. That’s it. He’s also been getting his balls gnawed off by whoever he’s out there against. His Corsi-percentage in the last five games: 37.2, 63.7, 39.5, 44.9, and last night’s 40.1 beer fart [lol]. Even in that one dominant game, against Edmonton, the Knights lost 4-0. His expected goal percentage in those five: 42.9, 60.3, 53.1, 12.8 (!), and last night’s incomprehensible 8. His M.O. has always been to be at the head of a ship that crashes into the rocks. His BU team lost the NCAA Championship game at TD Garden to a much lower seeded Providence team. The world junior team in 2015 he captained (that featured no less than 15 future NHLers, including Auston Matthews and Dylan Larkin) got stonewalled by Igor Shesterkin in the quarterfinals. The year before that the US team with Eichel on it spit it against Russia in the quarters as well. That time it was Andrei Vasilevskiy doing the honors at the guillotine. His Sabres never even got within a sniff of the playoffs. The Knights thought Eichel was the final piece to get them over the top, even if they cut out even more of the foundation to add him. Well, that boulder is rolling down the hill pretty heavily right now and Eichel is lying with his dick in the dirt. Fuck that guy, Alex Tuch is the polar opposite of Eichel and he will be the Captain of this team, something Eichel was in name only. Krebs looks pretty good too and there are two draft choices coming as well including VGKs 1st this year. Sabres are worth watching again and for the 1st time in ever, I dont want the season to end. good riddance to mr cokehead.
  20. No lie is to big or small for you. congrats on having a perfect record!
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