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  1. 11 hours ago, Nuke said:

    He was ok with giving illegals the right to vote for the mayor and every other local race in NYC  (by far the largest city in the US) Whatever the liberals are pushing at the time, Frawk is right behind like a puppy dog.

    eat shit MAGAT.  I didnt say illegals, I said legal, tax paying foreign nationals.  so go fuck yourself.   

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  2. On 7/23/2022 at 5:19 PM, Herodotus said:

    I got laid last night, as for fat well 6'3 205 is not exactly fat and you aren't right on Stalin either so damn 0 for 3, and if you ain't a shit lib then you are a typical right wing fascist.  Well one for the iggy list

    suuuuuure you did.  ass fucking the cat doesnt count, sport.  

    let's split hairs on who murdered more people than stalin cause him not being number one makes your use of his image totally justified.  

    So now I'm a right wing fascist.  make up your mind idiot.  

  3. 5 hours ago, Herodotus said:

    These two are actually worse than any on the right because at least the right on here make no apologies or pretenses. 

    oh look, the pathetic fat douche bag that cant get laid has something to say about me.  Listen chump, find one single statement from me that makes me out to be a liberal.

    You, OTOH, are a pathetic commie sympathizer holding out history's greatest murderer as the figure we should most closely associate you with.  Go fuck yourself, cause no one else ever will.


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    Buffalo Sabres

    Center depth: The Sabres checked two important boxes in signing goalie Eric Comrie and defenseman Ilya Lyubushkin. They could go into the season with the roster they have to pave the way for their young players to see ice time. But adding another center for depth wouldn’t hurt. That would allow them some flexibility in the bottom part of their lineup and give them a chance to add another player with the ability to win faceoffs and kill penalties. — Matthew Fairburn


  5. 3 hours ago, Very Wide Right said:

    Bannon was a liar,a cheat, stupid etc.

    never said that.  he's a smart guy but a grifter, like all the other mega-douches in the fatful inner circle.  He said out loud EXACTLY how it was going to go down.  and it did in exactly the way he said it would.  

    youre a smart guy.  I know you know the stolen election gambit is an utter fabrication, taken to an extreme.  an attempted coup.  in plain site. any other take on it make someone a) retarded b) a troll.

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