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  1. you've posted some really stupid shit but this one is light years dumber than most. Congrats.
  2. Right on cue, MAGATs salting the earth with " the only way we can lose is if the other side cheats". Why bother with elections at all, just appoint MAGATs for life amirite? Who funds the Federalist?
  3. so, we should be able to vote on whether abortion is legal or not. I'd live with those results.
  4. dude, he's a troll. he knows all this shit he posts are a complete fabrications. its a cult.
  5. this coming from the guy that runs his mouth on fatfuk's balls everyday. god you MAGATs lack self awareness.
  6. it doesnt matter. MAGATs will say, with a straight face, water is not wet in order to push their false narratives.
  7. lol, he gave sworn testimony that it was bullshit and the fatfuk was dethatched from from reality, that it was so stupid he couldnt stop laughing, but he is somehow "walking it back" on tv so that's what we should believe? i cant tell whether you are extremely stupid or simply gullible. Heck, who says I should have to choose, let's go with both!
  8. there was no expansion. NATO is not in Ukraine. That was an excuse for a land grab that if left unchallenged, would be continued there and elsewhere. Nevertheless, you havent explained how sub based nukes arent a threat to costal US or why a few hundred miles would make a single bit of difference in the use of tactical nukes.
  9. cause they dont have subs that do that any time they want? that the difference in a few hundred miles for a tactical nuke is exactly what?
  10. lol. just incredible. hard core MAGATs are fucking delusional in the extreme. Philly's dumbest is def not on team normal. “He’s become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff,” William P. Barr, the former attorney general, said of Mr. Trump during a videotaped interview the panel played on Monday, in which he at one point could not control his laughter at the absurdity of the claims that the former president was making. “There was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were,” Mr. Barr said. the president took the advice of Rudolph W. Giuliani — his personal lawyer who was, according to Jason Miller, a top campaign aide, “definitely intoxicated” #drunkRudy
  11. she hasnt fucked him this century, if ever
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