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  1. John Solomon is quite possibly the biggest tool on the internet. which explains why you think that. I have not been wrong yet on this thing. You keep ignoring the fact that a snitch ratted him out that he withheld documents and where they were stashed. So no, fatfuk did NOT comply with the subpoena. But keep trying to defend the defenseless. its the only way MAGATs can uphold the myth that dear leader is not a criminal.
  2. We will never know if fatass got a subpoena that he almost certainly would have thumbed his nose at, like all the others he failed to comply with. however if he didnt, it would likely have been because he could have used the 5th amendment to circumvent the request. look it up. so, I'll just leave you with this....
  3. that will be today's weakest post and the day aint even over yet. Congrats!
  4. Well now..... The raid on Mar-a-Lago was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, two senior government officials told Newsweek.
  5. it wasnt a raid, it was the execution of a search warrant. MAGATs are such drama queens. two words, bitch: PROBABLE CAUSE why havent his lawyers published the search warrant so everyone can see what how poor widdle fatass is being persecuted? And of course you believe a conspiracy theory on why they had to search the premises instead of fatfuk turning over what he was not supposed to have. its the only way you can justify backing the one man crime spree. if that lame ass theory held one drop of water, there would be an injunction preventing the FBI from looking at what was taken. lemmie know when that happens
  6. suuuuure they were, which is why a judge signed the search warrant based on probable cause that a crime was committed. happens all the time!
  7. quoting a guy that got torpedoed for the FED board because he is an ignoramus is peak MAGAT.
  8. these have NOTHING to do with enforcement. buddy.
  9. glad you admitted you have shit for brains and wouldnt know a fact if it punched you in the face. everyone else knows it. still, the road to redemption starts with admitting you are an idiot. its a long road for ya buddy, but we're here to help anyway we can. not fuck all the way off.
  10. Since this thread has devolved, like all the others, into a battle between facts and misinformation spewed by the village idiot, err phillphuckphace, let's cheer everyone up with fatfuk creeping out a good looking girl.
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