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  1. Huge game. Bills chances of winning the division go over 70% just by winning this game on Thursday. If we win the next 3 (Pats, Jets, Dolphins) our chances of winning the division go up to 95%. The next 3 weeks is our season.
  2. There was no 2014 coup. Putin just got mad that his puppet president was ousted.
  3. While their troops never leaving its own boundaries. No.
  4. Stand trial in court for defending his country? My goodness.
  5. What!?!? Russia comes and takes your land and 14k are killed in the altercation that Russia started and that’s somehow Ukraine’s fault? Thats like me breaking into your house and kicking you in the dick, then getting mad that your belt hurt my foot.
  6. no I’m not doing this game where you never answer questions yet you ask a million of them.
  7. Shiva out of one side of his mouth: Ukraine could never beat Russia. Shiva out of the other side: Ukraine is a threat.
  8. So…. what is Russia so so worried about then? If Ukraine is no threat, why invade them?
  9. No, I never actually took Putin at his word. But you guys did. He just wanted to get rid of the NAZI's, right?
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