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  1. You’re wrong about that. As Meathead said, it started with Coastal. He and I got into a pissing match about something (I don’t even remember what it was), and he said something along the lines of being a better man than me, and I responded something along the lines of “I could fuck your wife better than you could”, which is juvenile but whatever, and he and Chickie manipulated that into a gigantic mess of me wanting her and threatening to rape her. It was the most absurd thing ever. Yeah, because that’s what Chickie and Coastal said happened for the last decade and because I wasn’t allowed on BillsZone, I couldn’t post the truth, so that lie was allowed to proliferate unchallenged until Meathead, who was in the thread where it all started said “uh, you guys are lying” and Coastal finally admitted it was all bullshit.
  2. Nope, definitely didn’t. She literally lived halfway across the Country from me. Which I only know because her husband constantly talked about Clearwater this, Clearwater that. She lied, made the whole thing up, and got A LOT of gullible people (like you) to believe her. It was amazing groupthink in action.
  3. Same reason Putin has killed thousands of his own people in Ukraine.
  4. Spiked asked for his name to be removed. Chickie and Coastal made up a rape allegation. They caused their own drama. I have apologized to them for pushing that fight forward, and they're welcome back here if they want, though (as you said), I dont see it happening.
  5. No it wouldn't be BillsZone. I offered that a while back and they said no, so I moved on. It would be with the largest Bills message board there is.
  6. I don’t expect anyone to offer anything that is higher in value that that - therefore the site will likely be merged.
  7. He articulated my thoughts fairly well.
  8. Except they didn't give her a normal sentence. They gave her a super harsh sentence (i'll let you guess as to why"). "Most Russians possessing small quantities of drugs get at most five years in prison, lawyers said." She got almost double the "at most" sentence. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/russian-judge-rules-brittney-griner-illegally-carried-drugs
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