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  1. Well he is the goat and won 6 NBA titles.
  2. I will not participate in your delusions. I will not lie and call you a woman if you have male reproductive parts. I do not want men in the same restroom as my daughter. I you want to call me a bigot, go ahead.
  3. Biden and his son are racist.s. The consequences are the Big guy is president and the son has been getting away with breaking the law using illegal drugs + prostitution and making deals with the enemy. Then you have the Squad who are socialist anti semtites and yet they hold office. And then there's YOU. F8eak. If racist pigs are to be held accountable, start with very one of them...YOU
  4. I told you the demons inside of them are restless.
  5. Me too but Its not enough to accept and tolerate these days . You have to be an activist for them or else you're homophobic.
  6. I told you you were a conservative. Not only do you have to use their pronouns or you will be charged wih misgendering which is an act of violence. You also have to date them . You have to allow the tans women with dicks to use the restroom when your 10 or 12 year old daughter is in there. You have to accept and shout it out loud that men have vaginas and women have weiners or else you are crazy.
  7. march with them, use their pronouns , bake gay cakes etc.
  8. I have no issues with LGBTQ as long as they do not force us to participate and celebrate their choices. They dont force their choices on our kids nor do they talk to my kids or any other kids as far as I know about their lifestyle. I repect them, they respect mine.
  9. Theyre friends of Biden and Obummers You should go. I have LGBTQ friends and family. I love them. Theyre not groomers like you and ICR
  10. USA Moves on to 16 CANADA OUT !!!! Bills win at NE! Too bad spunked couldnt stay in cuba for good. I think F8 and ICR should move there and enjoy socialism. They wont ... all full of crap.
  11. you're a conservatve all right. white dems, libs and Lefties want minorities to stay on welfare so they keep them in the inner city where they can kill each other and stay uneducated. The less educaton they have, the less informed they are about the truth about demoncrats .
  12. you have to be a special kind of retard . This was back in 2016 and it was in Wembley London. lol. Some how its the consrvatives fault.
  13. I must've caused the vaginas of the demons inside these two to burn .lol.
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