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  1. The ones who want it gone are tired of being the forums whipping bitches. Oink oink!
  2. The difference is people.can prove that the dead Canadians exists and so do their family. I'd tell you not to be stupid but too late.
  3. you're not qualified to talk about anything other than making coffee for the director since thats what you did as an assistant.
  4. Just another excuse to dismiss a claim because you can't prove it to be false. The claims seem to be verified by the quotes they provided that are supposedly from the families of the victims. If they lying and are not the family, then you have to show us that. Just like the claims reported by Canadian news and agencies about Canadians killed by your beloved hamas. You attempted to dismiss them by saying its only a claim. Mkay.
  5. how many of these thread are you going to bump up .they're bffs now. lol.
  6. Why dont you do something to get rich yourself instead of depending on others to provide for you , bum.
  7. too bad. If I were Israel, I would've planted microchip tracking devices on the terrorists they released in exchange. Once Israel go back all their hostages in return , go back after them the and finish off hamas.
  8. he's nothing but an attention seeker. He is a Mob boss of 2. He and shiva.
  9. You mad bro? Looks like someone could dish it but coudnt take it. Puhlease. There's nothing to stalk when you put yourself out there yourself. IDIOT! So angry. You gonna send shiva over to bust my kneecap?
  10. I'm scared. LOL. But,but, its just a persona. So triggered. Na, I wont involve her. You on the other hand should post more pictures of yourself and your home. IDIOT.
  11. not even close but this is perfectly defines Ms. Creole . Can I do a side to side picture to see if I am right? Can I?
  12. Haha! My wife not even 140 lbs. But we know what Ms St. Lucia looks like . Is this her dominatrix costume? Turns you on huh? 😆
  13. All this proves is ni one like you. Especially your wife
  14. I hope the libturds from the zone stay away. If they can take ICR and spunk back, that tells you how much of a double the people over there are
  15. You racist bigot homophobe, transphobe, pedophobe ...might as well ...you nihiliphobe.
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