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  1. Russia waited for Biden to be president to make the Ukraine and now the chiese do this since he's president. It won't be long even Haiti will be trying to bully the US while its under Beijing Joe.
  2. The Aliens were freaked out that icr kept asking them for more anal probing. They sent him back which explains s his depression.
  3. Not even hot air balloons can lift him up.
  4. Turns out there's was more than one balloon
  5. I didn't claim everyone, just you. You've shown to be a psycho who likes to prey on the most innocent and defenseless of human beings
  6. This threads wreaks of pee from libtards and lefties pissing in their panty.
  7. He hates babies. If they make it out of the womb , he wants to f up their heads. If he is clinically mentally ill (he really is in real life. Its a known fact in that site he was banned from ) he wants very one to be psycho as well. Misery loves company.
  8. Yup. The debris would be very disgusting.
  9. Lol. He spends his time looking for something to be offended by all day.
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