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  1. That person shouldn't have kids just like F8 and ICR. All products of weak fathers.
  2. Biden won't even die for his business partners in Ukraine, why should I.?
  3. Boys as in cowboys ? We don't even love each other so I can't say we love you back. ❤️
  4. Whoa! Another threat to kill a poster? Lefties are so angry. Can dish it but can't take it. Good thing we know you're scared of a little call center caller from India or we would report your threats to the authorities. We did save them just in case though. Back to topis , speaking of sea or water animals I'm told your term of endearment of the Mrs is Shamu . That true?
  5. People familiar with the situation told the Post reporters that “Smith’s team has concluded the bulk of its investigative work in the documents case and believes it has uncovered a handful of distinct episodes of obstructionist conduct,” one of which occurred AFTER the August 8th FBI search. Donald Trump has denied all wrong-doing in the classified documents case, even claiming during a March Fox appearance that he had “the right to take” classified documents with him to Mar-a-Lago and in his recent CNN town hall when asked if he had shown the classified documents to anyone else, said, “Not really… I would have the right to… not that I can think of.” In reality, intentionally disclosing classified information without authorization is a federal crime under the Espionage Act, hence Goodman’s mentioning of it in this case. Punishment can be up to 10 years in prison or even charged with treason. Trump has labeled this investigation a “witch hunt.” This is it guys. This is what's going to send him to jail. FINALLY!!!!
  6. That's called natural process. You and ICR playing anal games is unatural. No wonder why you're both butthurt all the time.
  7. Proof that the system is flawed. They let freaks near kids.
  8. Lol. Defamation for smacking someone who uses fake name on a messageboard? No wonder why you're on welfare 🤣
  9. Cannuck mullet. http://themayorofmonmouth.blogspot.com/2007/02/wikipedia-claims-windsor-as-mullet.html?m=1 Wikipedia Claims Windsor the Mullet Capital of Canada
  10. Do you have kids ? NO. GOOD. The world is a better place with less of you and ICR. I will accept that I am bigoted towards child groomers like you. You are poison for kids.
  11. Being straight is NORMAL. No need to push normal stuff. Lgbtq is abnormal. That's why they are trying to shove it down children.
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