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  1. the food stamps didnt come in the mail today?
  2. Even if that were true, the point stands which obviously went over your pea sized brain. They were already rich before that.
  3. his kids? I was talking about the orange guy. Besides, they were already rich prior to Trump getting into office. The Bidens made it rich from politics. The receipts of them taking money from chinese is there.
  4. If you have to ask, Trump didn't get rich while in office.
  5. It's the opposite . We created this and I was once called the bachata king during my bachelor days. If anyone wants to have a busy sexual lifestyle, I would suggest for men to learn how to do this. Not that you would know.
  6. Call it whatever you want. I think I'll call it ICRs brain canal
  7. Not if she used politics to make herself rich while her constituents suffer like Pelossi. I still wouldn't tap dance on her grave though.
  8. Its not a vagina. You want to call it a vagina all you want, maybe I'll call it ashole no. 2.
  9. Trans women are not women . Just like a bearcat is neither a bear nor a cat. You can call it a t-rex for all I care.
  10. I'll play your "but Trump game" . There. Fixed.
  11. If a white conservative said this, the libs would have labeled him/her a racist.
  12. That's because Pitts doesn't have Diggs, Davis, Shefield, Harty,etc which is why Laporte is his favorite target. Their qb doesn't have Allen's arm to throw deep so he dunks it to Laporte.
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