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  1. Making stuff up again. That's why not one cares about your Debbie downer posts.
  2. Can't argue that. We need a better running game but our OL was decimated. No one was expecting our offensive players to drop like flies during the game.
  3. Blah,blah blah. Demrats still wish they could make as much being corrupt. Pelosi and Co. Are busy inside trading .
  4. Knee-jerk reaction after 1 loss. Lol. Even the Cheater from NE couldn't overcome the injuries we had today. As a matter of fact he's had issues winning in meeyamee even with a healthy team with Brady. Maybe we should call Jauron.
  5. He's not going to sleep well until he fixes our mistakes. That what Bellishit is like. Rex Ryan would've gone home to adore his wife's feet.
  6. Nothing but politicians who are jealous that they haven't made as much by milking tax payers of their money. Demonrats need to step up their corruption to get to Trumps level of wealth.
  7. Why does a cannuck care so much about American politics that he would wish that American dead?
  8. Not upset either. Was getting tired of people posting how great the bills are no matter where I looked. We haven't won anything yet.
  9. Too many missed opportunities. Shoulda coulda, woulda
  10. Sean likes making stupid posts that aren't true. The WORLD......lol. Just likes getting attention
  11. Anyone who can't see that injuries played a huge factor doesn't know football.
  12. Josh himself missed an open Mckrnzie for a td
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