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  1. if that is what people here want. i will leave The Buffalo Range.
  2. And i will not watch football anymore if the Bills leave Buffalo. I say fans should not watch the Super Bowl if it's Patriots vs Buccaneers. How many times will we have to see that?!
  3. I am not watching the Super Bowl and the Playoffs if the Buffalo Bills are not in it.
  4. i would recommend The Skulls (2000). It's about a secret society at a college. It's a great thriller. It stars Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker.
  5. The only reason i would support a dome stadium is for the possibility of having the Super Bowl in Buffalo because of the dome stadium. I would love to have a home Super Bowl for the Bills and the Bills fans.
  6. Bills can still get in the wild card playoffs and make it to the big game/Super Bowl. they did it before.
  7. Travolta and Dragon - Thank you for the info. i was not sure which team and thought it was Kansas City.
  8. i apologize for being wrong. i did not expect that verdict at all.
  9. i still think the jury was moved to acquit because of the HD video and not Kyle's testimony.
  10. i still think it was a bad decision. it was the HD video and not his testimony that convinced the jury to acquit him.
  11. i think it was in Jim Kelly: A Football Life that said the Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game one year before the Bills first Super Bowl against the Giants. I have the movie Second String on VHS that has the Bills winning the Super Bowl with their backup Quarterback.
  12. i hope you're right. crossing my fingers. by the way, Bruce Smith: A Football Life is on now on NFL Network.
  13. me too but ending at the top of the AFC gets you the one seed and can lead to the Super Bowl. i know it's only week 11 but the Titans are heading in the right direction with their running back.
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