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  1. Re-signing Poyer was HUGE.
  2. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/chan-gailey-statement-9246622
  3. Reminiscent of the C.J. Spiller pick (which I also loved) - BPA.
  4. Hero puto - Fuck you. Spiked - Fuck you too (not really, because I love most of your stuff… I really do…) Shiva - Fuck you too, too.
  5. The Vikings game pissed me off more than anything last year. When the fuck will this organization figure out that a franchise RB1 is a desirable asset for your offense? Probably never...
  6. Minor correction to your post - The Bills have never been awarded a Super Bowl Championship. And yes, won/ awarded... Neither has happened yet...
  7. Question - which team was the last team to lose back-to-back Super Bowels? Hint - They did it three times in a row... The NFL isn't stupid. Their fans are stupid, but the owners are not...
  8. I've been reluctant to go get this guy, but if the players want him on their team, then fuck it - MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPTAIN BEANE...
  9. I thought we lost him that night. God is Great. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3o7Huvi8JAA
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