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  1. In standing up to the US and defeating its proxy army in Ukraine, Putin is seen as a hero in much of the world, especially in countries in the south that have long been oppressed by American and European predatory colonialism that strips them of their natural resources and exploits their people. To these countries, Putin represents the freedom from tyranny and oppression that the US has long promised but never delivered. Russia, as with China, offers emerging economies infrastructure development and trade and cooperation and mutual respect without any of the woke moralising and political interference and fake concern for freedom and democracy. Here is the lavish welcome Putin just received in the UAE: Remember: If it's from the Professor, you know it's got to be good. As good as Mary Ann in one of her many snappy outfits she took along for a two-hour boat tour? Well, no; let's not go crazy, but right up there in the top two, right behind Mary Ann.
  2. The US's Monroe Doctrine states that any interference in the political affairs in the Americas by any great power will be considered a hostile act by the US. The US government, however, hypocritically and arrogantly cannot put itself in the shoes of, e.g., the Russians and allow them the same right. And so for years the US has pushed for NATO expansion into Ukraine up to the Russian border, which was the biggest cause of the Russian invasion. Western leaders did not negotiate in good faith with Putin during the Minsk negotiations. They were mainly interested in stalling for time to further arm and prepare Ukraine. Putin now believes he was too trusting of the West and will not be so quick to trust them again. The Russians have thus far waged a limited war in Ukraine. More civilians have been killed by the Israelis in 30 days than Ukrainians in 563 days. Putin's original intention was never to conquer all of Ukraine, as that would have required two or three million men rather than the 190,000 they went in with. If Putin had been replaced-- e.g., during the Wagner uprising, though he was never at any real risk of that -- it would likely have been by someone more hardline. Perhaps we should all be happy the Russians are winning this war, as there was always the risk they could resort to using a limited number of nuclear weapons against the Ukrainians had they lost, which could then have escalated into something far worse for everyone.
  3. Update on Ukraine, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific for November 19, 2023: The Ukraine proxy war is at a dead end with Russia inevitably winning unless the US and its allies intervene more directly. Russia has been stockpiling missiles over the past several months for what could be a massive offensive or possibly in preparation for multiple contingencies related to US-NATO involvement in either Ukraine, the Middle East, or both. Israel military operations in Gaza continue erasing the civilian population from Gaza City with the Israeli military recently ordering the “evacuation” of the Al Shifa Hospita. The evacuation of Al Shifa Hospital, besides being ordered by Israel, has been necessitated by the humanitarian crisis Israeli forces have created by cutting off food, energy, and other essential services across Gaza. Israeli government decision to allow “two trucks” to enter Gaza daily to provide fuel and sewage services equates to maintaining the blockage. Israeli administration continues insisting operations seek to eliminate Hama despite the fact it maneuvered Hamas into power in the first place, specifically to serve as a pretext to erase Gaza and provoke conflict in the region. Even as the US invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to the US for the APEC Summit, the US continues its policy of encircling China in Asia-Pacific. The US continues arming Taiwan despite officially recognizing Taiwan as part of China under the US’ “One China” policy. The US has signed a “nuclear deal” with the Philippines after Manila canceled joint rail projects with China, signaling a continued shift away from development and toward crippling dependence on the US. A moth-balled nuclear power plant exists in the Philippines, construction initiated by the current president’s father, but shut down amid safety and corruption concerns.
  4. This comes on the heels of a recent series featuring Cleopatra as a black woman that caused outrage in Egypt for the disrespectful attempt to change their history. The creators of that series said that somehow Cleopatra could have been black, despite that her ancestry was from Macedonian Greece, and that the backlash was proof of racism. I guess a series about Nelson Mandela played by a white actor would be fine. How about this: how about everyone respecting the historical realities of other people's cultures or countries and nobody engages in cultural appropriation?
  5. Before this war, I took it for granted that the mostly negative portrayal of Putin by Western media was more or less true. Now I believe that most of what was and is said is untrue. He's no angel of course, but he's infinitely more competent -- and popular in his country -- than someone like Biden is in his. The US and its allies have a long history of demonising whoever their enemy is. That is, countries they wish there to be regime change in and whose mineral wealth or something else they want to get their hands on. I'm happy for the Africans who have in recent times begun to overthrow their corrupt rulers who were in league with the US, France, etc., to exploit their mineral wealth, providing bribe money for the rulers but resulting largely in perpetual poverty for their populations. It was touch and go for a while whether ECOWAS -- controlled by the US, France, etc., and which exists to enforce neo-colonial control over Africans-- would invade Gabon and Niger, I think it was. If you're interested, here's an interview from yesterday with Jeffrey Sachs that paints a completely different picture of events in Ukraine than the MSM. It's a good overview of how the US's unipolarity is unravelling thanks in large part to the incompetence and arrogance in the approach of the US's foreign policy. The State Department is notoriously bad at listening to the concerns of other countries and is in the habit of dictating terms. China and Russia and most of the rest of the world want peace. The US wants chaos. The US inherited the British Empire's policy of divide and conquer in the Middle East and elsewhere and continued with it after WWII. This has caused a lot of misery in the world with all the coups, etc, that the US has instigated. As for Ukraine, early last year there was a lot of momentum for a peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia. Both sides were eager to get it done. Ukraine would have kept all its territory except for Crimea, and Russia would have gotten a guarantee of Ukraine not joining NATO. The US didn't want peace, however. They wanted war and used their influence to force Ukraine to renege on the peace treaty they were about to sign. Their thinking was that a war would weaken Russia and maybe cause it to collapse. They were also hell-bent on bringing Ukraine into NATO because the expansion of NATO is crucial to them. The next time you hear Biden or someone say "Putin could stop this war today if he wanted," just remember that it was Putin who wanted to sign a peace treaty to avoid war, and it was the US that did everything to provoke a war with Russia.
  6. I think you've made it clear in this thread and elsewhere that people who disagree with your viewpoints are stupid. Fair enough. But, just out of curiosity, what happens if you hold a view about something and then change that view after a period of time? For example, if the view was based on faulty or incorrect information at the time. Are the people who were opposed to your original viewpoint then no longer classified as stupid to your mind? And do you then get frustrated or angry with yourself that you formerly held what you now know to be the wrong view?
  7. Nobody believes Russia is winning the war? This is new information to me, as I previously assumed most Western intelligence services, military people and even most Ukrainian people now believed the Russians are winning. This is what almost all independent non-MSM commentators I've been listening to or reading have been saying for many weeks now. Western governments privately urging Kiev to agree to a peace settlement, the West running out of ammunition to send, generals increasingly refusing Zelensky's orders and Ukrainian women being drafted up to the age of 60 to fill the manpower shortage seem to me to be strong indicators that things couldn't be going so well for Ukraine. Even the Germans in the final months of WWII didn't resort to conscripting women. As for the Russian advance having stalled, I don't think they see it that way. They've just spent the past six months repelling the Ukrainian offensive and have been content to sit on the land they already have and to wait for the Ukrainians to be killed coming to them. It's only been in the past few weeks that the Russians have started to go on the offensive. I don't think it's the sort of offensive that is likely to impress you, since it's a methodical, incremental sort of advance along various points on the front and is designed to minimize casualties to their side. But, from what I've heard and read, the Ukrainians are dangerously low on reserves and sooner or later the dam is expected to break. I'll concede that there is still a chance you are right and the Ukrainians will hold them to a stalemate, but I'd be very surprised if the Ukrainian military and state didn't collapse in the next few months.
  8. Don't let's forget about how dangerous the Chinese are as well. They'll have to be dealt with severely and stopped before they can invade Taiwan. If they are allowed to strip Taiwan of its precious freedom and democracy and pro-American leaning, they might just get it into their heads to invade Japan, South Korea and most of the rest of Asia. What a great thing for everyone that the US neo-liberals are here to save the world through their proxy armies and to promote their social agenda and their values. Other forms of government and values are clearly inferior.
  9. So you believe Ukraine is winning the war, then? And you also believe that the invasion by Russia was unprovoked and that the US government's intention is largely altruistic, and that politicians, the MIC, corporate lobbyists, etc., are mainly concerned that the Ukrainian people maintain their democracy and freedom, etc., against an evil belligerent power that has aspirations of going on to conquer Poland and then other countries in Europe if they are not stopped now? Is that right? And do you also believe that the MSM is giving you fair and accurate reporting on the war?
  10. Remember: If it's from the Professor, you know it's got to be good.
  11. Time Magazine has a new cover story out about Volodymyr Zelensky, and the portrait is not particularly flattering. The Ukrainian president is depicted as delusional about his country’s military prospects against Russia, surrounded by corrupt officials and increasingly concerned that Ukraine will be abandoned as NATO and the west shift attention to Israel. Guest host Craig Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with columnist George Szamuely about what the consequences for Ukraine will likely be from the Gaza war.
  12. Here is a useful video to watch for anyone who still believes that Ukraine has any sort of chance to win this war or still believes the myth that Russia's original intention was to annex Ukrainian territory. They will now, but they weren't intending to at the start of the conflict. It also touches on how the US military, in its present depleted state, would also be incapable of defeating Russia if the warmongers in Washington were stupid enough to enter the war in support of its proxy army. Remember: If it's from the Professor, you know it's got to be good.
  13. Someday, God (who is not necessarily male of course) willing, we'll have bird names like the "George Floyd peace dove" and the "BLM eagle" and the "Give Diversity a Chance finch" and the "LGBTQ+ Is for Everybody sparrow" and "It's Ma'am, You Cretin seagull" and so on. Some might say that indoctrinating young impressionable minds at schools with information related to identity politics and instilling a sense of shame related to our heritage and history (unless you're non-white) is bringing about the ruin of the American society and the West in general along with it. But those people are fools. What's not to like about the bold, impulsive, emotion-based rush to tear apart the fabric of life as we know it to make something new and completely different and experimental which will have unknown and unforeseen long-term consequences? I understand, by the way, that the following is required viewing at all public schools now in order to teach children to grow up with greater tolerance, compassion and an understanding of the rich assortment of different sexual identities there are to choose from. The hope is that children everywhere will want to aspire to be like the "It's Ma'am" person. Remember: If it's from the Professor, you know it's got to be good. The Professor's propaganda is premium propaganda. The Professor knows stuff. Lots of stuff, because he's a professor, or at least thinks he is. So, to reiterate, lots of stuff. Well, some stuff. Yeah, that's it.
  14. Coincidentally, this beautiful, humanitarian way of thinking is the foundation of US foreign policy in the world, in which they want as many people as possible in every conflict to die or don't mind it, usually after they themselves have prompted or caused the conflict in some way. When the Ukraine-Russia war is over, perhaps a million or more Ukrainians will be left dead in a rump state and its economy in shambles. Why? Because the US pushed Ukraine into this war to further expand its empire and to harm or destabilize Russia as much as possible. If the will had been there on the part of the neo-cons in Washington, a new security framework could have been implemented that guaranteed Ukrainian neutrality and Russian security long before there was a need to go to war. The corporate MSM conveys the impression that the US is a force for good in the world. The government's three hundred bases around the world says otherwise. Meanwhile, China and Russia each have just a handful of bases outside their borders, but Western-government propaganda and the complicit MSM act as though countries like these are dangerous neo-colonial ever-expanding empires looking for conflict. The reality is that it is the US --though with a very good PR system -- that is.
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