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  1. Is that a David Carradine avatar pic??? Very nice, grasshopper.
  2. Should have claimed Nathan Rourke off waivers. Major fuck up not doing so.
  3. That's right! My mistake. Three trips climbing the same set of stairs.
  4. How about falling down stairs, tripping over things and falling over on bicycles?
  5. You didn't, I've removed the post No problem. Good to see we both admit mistakes when we make them.
  6. You can't just arbitrarily pick a number. How does that make sense?
  7. I'm a DeSantis supporter. Would I vote Trump again if I have to? Yes. Doesn't make me anything. That's just your tired, repetitive mantra.
  8. Not my point at all. You said age limits. Exactly what age and how did you come up with the number? Also, some people are much sharper at advanced ages than others. Not a one size fits all thing. Biden is currently unfit and we both know it.
  9. A honest current diagnosis would show that Biden has dementia. 1992 was four years after Reagan left office. Reagan wasn't constantly falling over and walking into walls. You sir, are a partisan stooge.
  10. Idiot. More like his Biden imitation. Reagan would run circles around senile Joe.
  11. Agree on term limits. Age limit is trickier. Surely you agree.
  12. LOL. The plan is NOT to keep Kirksey on the damn practice squad. Get serious.
  13. I repeat. Sick, sick stuff. Glad/proud I stand opposed to all the freaks who support these things.
  14. And it's totally ridiculous. How can anyone be in favor of this $hit? Sick, sick stuff.
  15. Wasn't Reich a third rounder? Russell Wilson was a third rounder. Odds of finding your franchise QB after round 3 are pretty slim.
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