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  1. Love ya, but you're often the master of overreaction/incomplete information.
  2. He's not signing with the Giants. Not sure whoever signs him has actually done a good thing.
  3. I say let all the white guilt libs pay all the reparations they want. I'm going to pass. Those who did nothing wrong shouldn't pay those who had nothing done to them. Bottom line.
  4. I don't hate trans people. I just think they're weirdos/mentally ill. Change my mind.
  5. No, they're not. That's much more the case with left wingers. Fact.
  6. Perhaps the lamest post of all time. Just terrible. LOL
  7. Tucker Carlson is a national treasure. There is no debating that fact...
  8. I think Allen will be just fine once he gets that 10 day break in the action. Wait and see.
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