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  1. The Bills stand no chance of "winning out". Come on, people.
  2. I like ol' Tucker. The fact that certain people hate him makes him okay in my book. Just my opinion.
  3. When did we start caring about these transexuals? Miniscule, noisy, weirdo interest group.
  4. I don't believe TC is any kind of trailer park trash. Comes from a very high class background. Just sayin'. Tucker is kind of like Trump. He make liberal heads explode.
  5. Damn. Your comebacks are so weak. What up with that? LOL. Cluck cluck.
  6. Great comeback. I'm gutted. LOL. You're the sweetest little girl your daddy ever had.
  7. Wrong, fat and stupid is no way to go through life...LOL
  8. Spot on. I hate people who simply can't deal with others with a different point of view/opinion. Weak-minded homos.
  9. Funny how certain AS$HOLES want it to go away. A sure sign they're losing. Believe it.
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