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  1. Why are people still commenting on this board aren’t you all still depressed 😂😂😂 I’m not over that loss damn it.
  2. The same Payton that allowed DIGGS to catch the game winning 60 yard touchdown with no time on the clock right? What say you @LiterateStylish
  3. You do realize McDermott us the final say so and the idiot called time out to back the defense up who was up close on the receivers. When things go well it is McDermott defense when it goes bad it is Fraziers. We all know McDermott is a gutless coach that has as his stupid call.
  4. Tell us something knew about you this is a safe space. Does your butt whistle when you walk lol
  5. Oh my grill has gotten so much work this year it costs slightly over a thousand to make it like mine.
  6. Please how do you put someone on ignore…help me I’ll cash app whatever just tell me.
  7. What the fuck is Straight Jacket talking about stop posting those stupid ass long post. The board was doing just fine without your weird ass copy and paste research projects that no one reads. @LiterateStylish I apologize you can’t be him….
  8. Yesterday for the first time Isiah got the reps and plays over Beasley and he brought a explosiveness to our offense. I’ve been calling for this for weeks. Beasley can go back to Texas and wind down his career. We might have found our version of Tyreek Hill.
  9. What the fuck is he thinking…this is the most Bills thing to do.
  10. I’m tired of this defense not setting the edge or stopping wide receiver screens. We get killed with the same plays every week. We have to find a fix for it come playoffs.
  11. Maybe Jungle was Lit as Lit did have UP TO (see what I did there) 10 different usernames he would argue with his self with. Oh the good ole days.
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