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  1. That eccentric queer inked old maid wagoncircler otherwise called jerkcircler went to my girl at work today and threatened to thump her, telling her she shouldnt hang out with the wrong people and mentioning my real name. You dont know who you disturbed butt hole you simply opened up a can brimming. You want to upset me? You think you can visit my girl at work and toss down daggers without these haymakers coming at you? Youre screwed asshole.
  2. I see chickenshit lit is back at his old games, I posted this yesterday and now it’s gone but lit sent me this picture of him a few years back when he threatened to beat me up over private messages. I guess he didn’t know I kept it!!!!! I have more pics if you need them ChinaBills send me. PM.
  3. The OP loser also made the point to hire Rex Ryan.. without thinking. Because like an unitelligent little bitch, his hero Donald trump, he doesn't think before he speaks. He gets wound up, forgets to take his meds, says something to feel better then gets owned by everybody on here. Buuuuuut that's none dof my business 😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah, we will all never forget when Literally Trash said to hire Rex ryan, created a thread and now see how things worked out. Not sure how a mind like that can be trusted. Probably why a real job with actual power or position never worked out 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Anyways... nice to see y'all again, I'll always be around like usual but for now, back to making my cash $$$ enjoy your mediocre football discussion clit #owned #conqueredrightinlitspussy
  4. You can say what you want but you're hiding from me, not the other way around. My office is open whenever you grow the balls to respond to my private message. Some tough guy you truly are...message me bud. Oh and btw you really don't scare me. So, just bring it. We can talk or deal when you're ready.
  5. I'm just into cleaning house with the line with the way they played last year. Could it have been saint doug's fault? Probably, I mean hell, the line was better under Gailey. Try it again I guess.
  6. The Bills do too. Clearly factored into the raise he got.
  7. Dareus and Gilmore I get, sure maybe possibly with Bradham, but what is this love some in here have for Glenn? I don't get the Glenn love the guy has been awful..
  8. Whaley has done a fine job. Sure beats your psycho dumb ass running the team. And drop the QB scenario idiot, no one good is available. Jay Cutler isn't available. If Drew Brees was really available he would have been moved by now. RG3 isn't available. Manning isn't available. Got it? Good. You couldn't do a better job in a million years and you know it. We kept the defense the same, got a decent QB and a young QB with some potential,and drastically changed the offense. Get over it, take your viagra, and move on. The sky isn't falling and the Bills will be fine. Have faith.
  9. Well the coaching change could have helped influence him to stay. Clearly, he could have cared less. We've been heading to divorce with Spiller for some time, especially since we tried trading him last year for the #1 overall pick..
  10. Yeah, can't imagine why Williams of all people hasn't been released.
  11. Frankly I wanted to cut the guy. But maybe saint doug ruined his game...?
  12. Excuse me but if you don't mind this will be between the adults.. Funny, now you want to talk huh? Tell that lil girl of yours i said wassup
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