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  1. Check this out. Read through that tweet https://x.com/brockriddickifb/status/1701680005044953507?s=46&t=wIjp-aR3D5sfa5GgXRjjfw
  2. You are so blind it hurts to even listen to your drivel. The ultimate sheep with 4 covid shots.
  3. I'm happy more and more are waking up. Fuck these bread and circuses.
  4. No doubt buddy. I'm completely convinced Josh threw that game. Just wondering where the call came from. Have a look at this. The national fixed league. https://x.com/brockriddickifb/status/1701680005044953507?s=46&t=wIjp-aR3D5sfa5GgXRjjfw
  5. He sucks ass and is a major distraction. So sick of this average player. Single handedly hampered the season last year over a vaccine injury.
  6. So... Kim pegula, damar Hamlin and bronny James (among tons of others), all have cardiac arrests in the last year and you think this is normal? Honest question.
  7. It was a satanic ritual of the elites you brain dead fucktard. She had a black pentagram on her waist. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.
  8. Well we finally have an exciting team and probably the most fun and exciting QB in the league. It's a damn shame though. The league is completely rigged.
  9. I've been feeling this way as well. I even think it does deeper and guys like Roger Goddell are CIA ops. It's starting to look more and more like a bread and circus for a decaying society. The platform is massive to brainwash masses into BLM, big pharma and other agendas (like their satanic ritual halftime shows) they deem necessary to divide and conquer society. Wherever you have this much money and power you have massive corruption. You are right, they definitely aren't leaving anything to chance these days and there are no coincidences.
  10. Absolutely and wish nothing but the best for her. People were fooled and coerced into this madness. At some point though we are all going to come together and ask questions and hold people accountable.
  11. Guess we can say it wasn't commodo cordis or whatever the hell fake shit that was. These are clot shot injuries folks. Hope you all read up on ways to get the spike protein out of your body before it's too late. Heavy fasting is one way to kill it. Good luck smooth brains.
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