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  1. Makes perfect sense if you've been following the Bills for the last 15 years. You would think they would have learned about paying a high price for RBs, but I guess not.
  2. Yeah, no shit. Oh man, if we only had the talent to throw 50 yard bombs all day, we would've been so aggressive! A good OC gets the most out of the talent he has to work with.
  3. Not sure if you were around at the time, but we got into some pretty heated debates about Sanchez, Ryan, and the Jets in the general. He said they were in the middle of "sustained excellence" and I didn't know what I was watching. I'm just rubbing some salt in the wound.
  4. Hi everyone, hope you're all having a wonderful holiday. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, where is NYJUNC? After the Jets made their second AFC Championship game, I bet him $100 that Rex Ryan would be fired before he won the Super Bowl. Will he be the typical yellow bellied Jets fan or will he man up?
  5. I wonder if junc is going to pay me the $100 he bet me.
  6. I don't even need a three game sample size. As soon as I saw Orton throw the ball to a WR over the line of scrimmage I knew he was better.
  7. Yes, the 4th overall pick caught a 1 yard out route. So clutch. Forget about the 4th and 20 or the rest of the throws that Orton made. It was the 1 yard out route. Unreal.
  8. I'd like for them to make the playoffs too. The difference is that if they don't, I'm not going to strut around here stroking my e-peen about how I was right. At the end of the day, the Bills should've won this game and they did. I don't think they would have with previous teams and I don't think they would have with Manuel. They're winning games that the should. Which is good. Yay?
  9. Cool story bro. Or if they actually have a winning record, you can come in here and let everyone know how lucky they are and how they didn't deserve it. Win/win right? Easier to make excuses than to just admit that you're wrong and actually enjoy watching your team win.
  10. I would re-sign him to the neighbourhood of 4-5 million. No more. He is constantly dinged up. I can't count how many times I saw him get up from the pile and limp off the field. If he was healthy, there's no way the safety catches him. He's also going to be 28 years old next season, so I can't imagine he has much tread left on the tires.
  11. That's fine, but when we win our next game, it's because of the Bills and not because of "luck". Deal?
  12. We should be happy because we didn't play as well as we could have...and we still won. We made some mistakes and mental errors...and still won. I know there is definitely room for improvement, but it's encouraging to know that we're above .500 while still making correctable mistakes. And as for the refs, when they consistently make bad calls that can affect the outcome of the game, sorry, I'm not going to ignore it. I don't regularly blame the refs for losses, but the last 2 or 3 weeks have been as bad as I've ever seen.
  13. Why were we supposed to win decisively? We were one game ahead of them in the standings. The spread was 5, which isn't that much. And why exactly did they have "no right to win that game?" Our offense had nearly 100 yards more than theirs did and 6 more first downs. We turned the ball over two more times than they did, but it was usually deep in their end or midfield, so it wasn't that costly. I saw a pretty evenly played game that could've gone either way. Good teams find ways to win those games.
  14. You are completely transparent. Give it a rest. We get it, Orton sucks, he's lucky, the receivers make the plays, not him, blah, blah, blah. Orton is so much better than Manuel, it's not even funny. It's ok to admit that you're wrong.
  15. What is wrong with you guys? How is this a "lucky" win? It's not like they were badly outplayed and got some lucky bounces. They overcame two big injuries, some horrible officiating, some bad fumbles, and a bad drop on the last drive. They won the game with one second left and you guys are bitching that they're lucky. I don't know about you, but I was excited as hell, not pissed that they got a lucky win.
  16. I'm happy as long as Joe "Captain Obvious" Rogan is there with him. "He is getting punched in the face a lot right now Mike. That can't be very comfortable."
  17. I wish you guys could see these crocodile tears I'm crying. Goes well with the world's smallest violin.
  18. But again, you don't HAVE to be throwing bombs down the field all game. I think Brady threw one today. You do HAVE to be able to consistently hit guys past 10 yards, which is the major difference between Orton and Manuel. If you can consistently hit guys in the 10-20 yard range, the defense won't stack the box.
  19. Manuel didn't get shit for not throwing it deep. Manuel got shit for not throwing it to anyone except a RB who was within 5 yards of him. You don't have to be able to throw the ball deep to be effective in the NFL, but you do need to be able to hit a WR 15-20 yards down the field. That's the biggest difference between Manuel and Orton.
  20. I'm glad you still post here. I'm going to enjoy spending your $100 when Rex gets fired.
  21. Our pass D was so good because teams would just run at will on us. Now they can't.
  22. Our QB still threw for just under 300 yards and 2 TDs. We only really abandoned the run near the end of the third. Before that we were still forcing it into the middle and punting.
  23. Fucking a stranger in the ass is always much less personal. This is like getting fucked in the ass by your creepy uncle while he stares into your soul as you gently weep.
  24. When? Moving a failed OT to OG doesn't constitute drafting a G. The last OG we drafted was Levitre. Surprise, surprise, he was our best G for years.
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