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  1. The Browns and Watson think so. That's why the big money is pushed toward next year and not this year. Because if he's suspend this year, he will lose a percentage of this years pay. That's how the Browns closed the deal. They are going to have a huge cap problem in the near future though. It's going to be 50 million a year avg after this year. Which is insane.
  2. Time for a 1st round O lineman, Second round WR, Third and Fourth back to back DB. Beane said his priority this offseason is protecting Allen. I'll take his word for it.
  3. Davis is the Best Wr on the Bills in two years. If anything they let Diggs walk and keep Davis
  4. They got to get someone in the cue. Who ever they draft will have a vet to beat out and/or learn from. That's how Beane operates
  5. They will but they can't be depended upon until they are experienced. That's where the one year Vets come in to be dependable options in the playoffs. Good team problems. It's when you have a franchise QB and want to win now. Can't rely on a rookie to win you a chip. That was the old Bills strategy, where did that get them...
  6. That's gonna be a trend with Allens contract
  7. It was terrible. They had an EMO Batman with no story line. Never been to a Batman movie before where I couldn't wait for it to be over.
  8. I kind of like it that way then the SB is just a formality. In the 1990s, the NFC had the best teams and a big reason the Bills had 4 SB loses. Good enough to get to the Bowl but not good enough to win it all isn't a position I want to see this team in again.
  9. Well if he took less money it would happen and happen frequently. Tom Brady isn't the greatest, he just took a lot less money to win chips.
  10. So the man is upset because he didn't start after almost crippling Allen. When the defender through him at Allen's knees. Fuck this blob, worst run olineman I've ever seen.
  11. The renovations you talking about? Never heard it was like a new stadium lol
  12. Soldier Stadium and Lambeau Field are way older. Such BULLSHIT
  13. Meanwhile Bills lost twice to the Chiefs because of the Defense
  14. Not to mention the fact there is two shots which is a way to deceive the public to the fact you cant count it as a vaccinated death when exposed to COVID 19 the first time(the first Vaccine).
  15. The Govt is just the first mafia on the scene offering protection for money or else... Thats what these idiot big govt advocates are defending instead of our personal rights, our family rights and friends rights. They only stay in power by preying on the weak, playing the deceiving and the victim game. Rich vs Poor, White vs Black, Nature vs Man, Choice vs Religion. The art of deception only the Devil knows better..always start by acting like your friend and take your soul later.
  16. Never seen McDermott so irritated after a game. Daboll was so dismissive, no answers for the media for why the offense and running game was complete shit. I could tell McDermott was going to explode behind the scenes.
  17. I think McDermott bitched him out after the Jags game
  18. Gonna always need to have some promising young coaches grooming when Allen is QB. I'm interested who the next QB coach is. He will probably be the next OC in 2-3 years.
  19. Or it could mean he Respects Daboll and this has nothing to do with McDermott
  20. Allen is better than Mahomes, Borrow and Herbert, he showed that in the playoffs. He's just on the wrong team to build a legacy with because it's a team sport.
  21. And that's what this is really about
  22. Why are you always so concerned with what people think? We already know as fans he's a boss. All QBs aren't great all the time even the greatest of greats. Allen gets judged on a different scale because of the pre draft nay sayers.
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