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  1. Economics is never on your side😂
  2. Grow up, go get your attention somewhere else. You sound like a jealous little girl.
  3. God realized the Bills weakest link in the playoffs was Levi Wallace, so he sent him packing because he's a Josh Allen fan.
  4. We do need to add youth to that position. He's making more than Hyde so I don't know what his problem is. He just signed a deal. I think Siran Neal would be the next man up.
  5. I see what you mean, thats probably gonna come from the tightend group this year. Hard to take snaps away from the first 4 WRs. For those situations would like to see hogins get more snaps, especially in the red zone.
  6. We have two better players in Diggs and Davis why would we want Parker?
  7. They can't because it isn't in their data base. Impossible to verify
  8. So then you get one from an island in the Caribbean. They can't check shit. There's a whole world out there if you want to have a fakey
  9. The jobs from this creates less poor people. Not only that but there will be more money long term in the states pockets from a thing called cash flow. We can all be so lucky to have a seasonal tenant to pay for everything for the next three decades. I'm sure the Bills are the number 1 or 2 tourist attraction in Buffalo. Things will be stabilized in that regard with a new stadium for years to come.
  10. This lady doesn't understand anything, like typical libtards ruining the world because of ignorance. Always blaming the rich people for all their problems. Ignoring the simple fact that the Bills are leasing this stadium and the state will recoup their money over the long run and then some. That's called investing
  11. Then they lose their competitive advantage to southern teams,why would we want that? The way it would be designed is to cut out a lot of wind and getting directly rained/snowed on all game
  12. He's a good athlete for the position and a good pulling guard. The offense made a noticeable improvement running the ball with him in the lineup
  13. There just aren't players taking bargain deals. Tom Brady isn't the greatest, he just took less money. A lot less money. Manning was a much better QB if you ask me unfortunately he had to shoulder more of the load come playoff time. Partly his doing accepting the type of contract he had. Bills will have to make sacrifices of their own in the near future because of Allens deal.
  14. So in other words .05 percent or less lol When in politics is it ever exaggerated? They only spent 4 years exaggerating Trump to every degree. Starting every news days on how to depict Trump as a Racist Neo Nazi. People falling for these progressive 101 tactic are dopes. Which usually starts with a fraction of the population being the problem and make it seem as it's the majority, so their Corruption gets passed unnoticed by the morons who voted for it, which ultimately end up on the losing end of it.
  15. The Browns and Watson think so. That's why the big money is pushed toward next year and not this year. Because if he's suspend this year, he will lose a percentage of this years pay. That's how the Browns closed the deal. They are going to have a huge cap problem in the near future though. It's going to be 50 million a year avg after this year. Which is insane.
  16. Time for a 1st round O lineman, Second round WR, Third and Fourth back to back DB. Beane said his priority this offseason is protecting Allen. I'll take his word for it.
  17. Davis is the Best Wr on the Bills in two years. If anything they let Diggs walk and keep Davis
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