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  1. Cordy Glenn getting healthy and having Dion Dawkins as bookend tackles has me most excited about the future of this team going forward. Then followed by a whole new Defensive Secondary that had no pass rush this year and preformed the way it did was remarkable. If they keep Gaines and add a little depth they are all set there for the next few years. I also like the way Milano plays the Will position in this type of defense. Those are some positions that are locked down moving forward that the Bills can build off of. If they can only get decent QB play and a strong pass rusher. I think it fair to say they would be a solid perennial playoff team moving forward. It's harder said than done to find a QB but they have the ammo here in this draft and some salary cap to get this done. What are your thoughts? Playoff apperence was nice... but are we finally breaking free of mediocre/bad bills teams or are we gonna mess this up some how?
  2. Oh did you play football... because I did? I played a hybrid outside line backer/ DE. Your knowledge is very questionable with this thread. You know what a DE and outside LB in a 3/4 main responbility is right? It's the same..rush the passer and keep containment from breaking outside. DE and outside LB rarely drop into coverage. You obviously don't have a clue what you are talking about. Since you think a OLB in a 3/4 is more similar to a ILB than a DE.
  3. I'm not talking about pass rushers here that they call LBs but are really DEs. MLB get paid much less than a CB. Middle linebackers don't make impacts on a defense like Sherman, Revis and Dion Sanders have done. Only LB that may come close to that impact in my life time was Ray Lewis.
  4. Are you high? It's a passing league..LB dont get paid CB money
  5. Exactly, The market is based on future earnings and growth. So what experts in our financial system are telling us is they have a lot more faith in Trump than Obama. Simple as that.
  6. Yeah let's not pay attention to the fact that a ton of crippling regulations were cut by Trump. Since when does the most inefficient corporation(government) understand the concept of using our money to make money. The private sector does. It's amazing to see the ignorance of some ....Trump is a successful business man and an economic major this shouldn't be a surprise the success he is having.
  7. Yeah let's not pay attention to the fact that a ton of crippling regulations were cut by Trump. Since when does the most inefficient corporation(government) understand the concept of using our money to make money. The private sector does. It's amazing to see the ignorance of some ....Trump is a successful business man and an economic major this shouldn't be a surprise the success he is having.
  8. 😂 Damn dude...who pissed in your cheerios. How do you assume he has a min wage job...is it because you don't like his post?
  9. Good for you. Worry about your own damn government. Bottom line I don't care about your opinion because Trump is working for Americans not Australians....And that's what he is doing and that's why Americans elected him.
  10. High 4.6 is plenty fast which is what he ran at his combine weight. He looked a lot quicker there than at his playing weight at Alabama. Either way he is a much faster version of Spikes and Spikes looked good in our 4-3 from a couple of years ago. A lean 245-250 fits him best. Any smaller he might lose what he's good at and that's stay physical.
  11. Okay if you say so! To me they seem like they are acting like a jealous high school girl that is making up rumors to stay popular. Misery always wants company for some reason. It's hard to watch most of the time. But I do watch them to see the other point of view.
  12. Guess who's number 1 cable news station FOX News. People apparently trust FOX more. I watch CNN too to get a good feel from both sides. But CNN is a smear network and people know it. Just pay attention to how they write 10 stories and 8 or 9 of them are Negative articles on Trump. They always take a positive thing Trump does and spin it into a negative. Fox is bias too because they have to defend conservatives all the time. But it's blasphameous to think their biasness is any where even close to CNN. CNN have a very narrow view and think rich people are the root of all evil. If I only watched CNN I would think Trump was the antichrist. This Is the very reason people like you don't understand why Trump got elected. He's not a supporter of hate groups or mentally ill like Bernie weirdos would say. He just calls Libs out on their BS and political correctness and they loath him for it. Is he a great guy.. no but at least he's stubborn enough to follow through with Conservative values that Bush was afraid to follow because he wanted to be the nice guy.
  13. Didn't Obama order to stop an FBI investigation on Hillary? Trump says "he wishes Comey wouldn't investigate Flynn" what the f is wrong with that??? FBI followed Obamas order there...and yet there wasn't even an order given from Trump. Big difference. It's perfectly reasonable to expect Trump not wanting his people investigated and expressing that to Comey.
  14. Wake up..This is a bullshit Witch Hunt put on by the liberals as a last chance ploy to stay relevant. This was planned before the election in case Trump won. The plan was to go after Flynn all along because they knew he was a Trump guy and because Trump campaigned to make better relations with Russia. It made him a obvious target. Bottom line Trumps not going anywhere. Libs are sore losers and Trump is exposing all their little tricks. This is the bias media that people from the right have been complaining about for years. The only way they stay in power is to do smear jobs on Conservatives. The reality is if your an extreme liberal and your a man..you think like a woman and you should get your balls checked. Finally we have president that isn't afraid to attack them back. He's created a lot of enemies as a result but damn I'm proud we have a president that is willing to stand up to those pantsies and has the balls to do something about it, like Reagan would.
  15. Not surprised either. Rex defense works best with a strong secondary. The secondary is looking deep and talented this year
  16. But I'm not 1)Andrew Luck 24.6 million 2)Carson Palmer 24.5 million 3)Joe Flacco 22.1 million 4)Aaron Rodgers 22 million 5) Wilson 21.9 million 6)Ben Rothlesberger 21.9 million 13) Cousins I don't even know his first name 20 million Franchise would be a top 5 salary. Why piss off the only good QB we had since Kelly maybe Bledsoe. Get the man signed for 15 million it's a bargain. Your an idiot!
  17. Why is that a tough decision? Where else are we going to find a QB anywhere as good as Tyrod Taylor in the next two years? This is very good for the Bills and not Tyrod. The going rate for a decent QB is 20 million plus now. If we franchised him it would be close to 20 million since Luck just sign for close to 25 million per year.
  18. Did anyone see this Erik Striker kid play in college! I'm telling you now the 3rd down defense will be alright with this kid in there and Ragland rushing as well. First and second down will be where losing Shaq Lawson will hurt the most. But I think we will be okay if it's only a few games.
  19. This pretty much sums up what I thought when I posted this thread. You can't replace Fred's leadership and blocking ability though. But this kid fits this style of offense perfectly and is exactly the kind of player we needed last year when Shady and Karlos went down.
  20. We can only hope he is as good but there are some similarities.... Same speed, similar size and power. The part that really stands out to me is how Williams wiggle and quick feet look like Freds. They both offer a quick move and cut it up field. I also see good vision, don't spend a lot of time going sideways and breaks tackles often. Could be a great addition to this offense.
  21. I do agree but Brady is still going to pick us apart if we don't have better athletes playing the middle of the field. It was a huge issue last year and Preston Brown is worthless against Gronk and M Bennett. We have to match up better with our division and adding a pass rusher that won't have time to get to Brady anyways won't help as much. Sure if a pass rusher that was special like Von Miller fell to us. Nobody in this draft has that ability
  22. The signing of Zach Brown just made this possible. If we draft Jaylon we dont need to rush him back from injury because Zach can hold a inside lb position down until Jaylon is fully healthy. Jaylon has super star potential that we could get in the second round. The best defenses always have a great 3 down middle LB. Just a thought.
  23. He will be fine! Mckelvin and Gilmore are both working their way back from offseason surgeries . When healthy they can both ball. I'm sure this discussion will be how much they both improve at the end of the year. With that being said they should start Corey graham on one side and let Mckelvin and Gilmore alternate on the other side until they are both acclimated.
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