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  1. He's got to buy his wife an even bigger pooper
  2. If he can give them that kind of production, it's over with. SB will be locked up
  3. Knox is the only one I'm concerned with, the rest are replaceable and aren't foundational pieces going forward.
  4. Tanner Owen is a name to keep in mind for the Bills. He has all the physical traits to be successful at guard or tackle. Long arms, Strong and athletic. He is a division II first teamer. Might be something there if it translates to the pros.
  5. The pain and suffering of jet fans is the funny part I assume
  6. Some arm chair experts put out a video saying the same thing on Cover 1. The numbers don't lie he's in the top 70 percent with his athletic scores. Greg Cosell raves about him and called him explosive, he's a more respected source
  7. Yeah Slot guys aren't in many jump ball situations. More running across the field and bubble plays. I was more concerned at first but he will be limited to the slot in the NFL that's all.
  8. 38.5 inch vertical and 1.49 10 yard split is a very explosive athlete. 29" arms aren't ideal but not much of an issue for a slot guy, Isaiah McKenzie has shorter arms
  9. How about not making people chose between Police Brutality and Patriotism. Its like how the Devil operates to create chaos for all man kind. It's just evil to prey on black people and their traumatic experience from the democrat slaver owners.
  10. Goliath with trex arms great lol
  11. Re read it only a moron would respond like that. What about the baby's body that is fully developed ready to be born? You aren't saving the mothers life to murder the baby at that point. God you are stupid
  12. Dramatic libs, emotional midgets that stomp their feet and over exaggerated like little children.
  13. Kind of like needing abortion right before birth. When there is no medical reason to do a late term abortion you just do a C section. The only thing to do to save a mothers life. You don't kill the baby for no reason. The Jedi libtard shit doesn't work on someone who sees bullshit a mile away. The majority doesn't need to suffer for ridiculous policy to cater to a very small percentage. You just treat it different when it comes up. Trumps opinion on abortion is very reasonable FYI.
  14. Felt the same about the business owners being hit by a two by four by Antifa/BLM terrorist. Crazy people do crazy things.
  15. You mean fruits telling my kids they are gay in 3rd grade. You have to be joking right? Parenting is for parents not for the govt
  16. Fraud point. For a fraud cause. The national anthem and police brutality have nothing to do with each other. If you make someone choose over being patriotic and police brutality you are trying to create division for political gain and you don't care about black people. We are all well aware that this actually created more problems for blacks than it helped. Playing on peoples emotions for other selfish reasons. We can thank frauds like you for that.
  17. Must be tough having all these friends of the party that is the founders of the KKK. I see you are making blacks feel inferior again and lying to them for political gain. They are people who already have rights in this country but you wouldn't know it with the democrats fraudulent agenda coming first and blacks last.
  18. A team that never punts or run the ball?lol this person who mocked this doesn't watch bills games
  19. One on one? Looks to me Davis was wide open and had a clinic because Diggs was doubled. Allen was smart enough to see that and took advantage. Throwing to Diggs in that game didn't make a lot of sense with the way KC was playing it but make no mistake, it was Diggs who opened it up for everyone else.
  20. We have to ask ourselves is Belichick getting Joe Biden disease. Clearly not the same guy from 5 years ago
  21. No one in the NFL can cover Diggs one on one and this wet behind the ears Rookie thinks he can. Sounds like a Josh Rosen fraud to me.
  22. I heard you fuck pigs and called one of them your wife
  23. She had fat taken from her waist and injected in that ass. Look at those skinny legs it's not natural. Girls like that are all over S Flordia. Nothing special.
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