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  1. So you unblocked me to tell me I used the wrong word while using my cell phone? What a pathetic existence you have. I see why you have no friends
  2. This isn't Trump, this is come sense. When you mail in the whole election this is the concerns that will follow regardless of what you believe or what the mainstream puts out there
  3. Because it wasn't even fucking close, this election had so many more than previous elections, highly unusual. How can you even deny that people wouldn't be wary of that? Common sense would say that should be expected. Weather you personally believe it happened or not. so liberals didn't try to steal away the election after making up collusion claims put out there by Hillary? You can't make an argument with out being completely bias can you.
  4. I know exactly who you are and what you are about. You would get eaten alive in any conversation with veterans. They would think you were a giant pussy. The same veterans that overwhelming voted for Trump you twit.
  5. Imagine if the US sent cowards like you in WW2. We all would be speaking German and Japanese. We know you play the blame game because you are a poor little short fat fuck that only tries to act tough because it's the internet, so I really don't want to fight you, it wouldn't be challenge for me but you are proving my point, you aren't the tough guy you are posing you are. I see right through you and you are lucky that I had family members that got purple hearts fighting against your Nazi cancel ideology.
  6. It's not about losing it's about you being a coward in life. The way you talk clearly shows, you wouldn't say that to my face so don't bring it here. Im pretty sure I pay more than you in taxes and have been a upstanding citizen. So I have a right to be here just as much as you if not more. If you want me out come and make me. Be the fascist Nazi that you are and bring it
  7. A lot more people died, rioted and destroyed businesses from the left over the last 4 years. Wouldn't you agree? What you saw was people pissed off at the actions of the anti American party and founders of the KKK. The globalist who sent billions to Iran to develop nuclear weapons pointed at us. And you want to pretend people aren't upset about a mailed in election where well over 50% of the vote didn't have their IDs checked and not be wary of that. Maybe you should have asked the question why is this happening. Theres always a cause and effect. You cant scream from the roof tops about the effect when you are the source of the problem, now can we? So countless investigations to undermine a election in 2016 isn't setting a precedence for this? Guess we should just trust the instigators that were proven frauds huh?
  8. Funny...Most people become conservative when they age. Well statistically speaking
  9. groups that don't think it's much of a factor are insurance companies, the wealthy, politicians and hollywood elites. They are buying water front properties more than ever. Buying habits tell you more than words
  10. The magnetic core of the earth has a lot more to do with weather changes than farting cows. But the media wont ever talk about that because there is no way to control the narrative. Mars once thought to have water and a atmosphere is a good example of what happens to the planet when the magnetic field is lost. The protection from Solar winds is gone, the planet dries up and can't sustain life due to the atmosphere being stripped away. Just like Mars the same fate will happen to Earth one day.
  11. He didn't fail no one has been better in playoff history 14td 1 int 106.6 QBR. Two come from behind TDs in 2 mins. That was about as perfect performance as there ever was in the playoffs for 2022 . What he failed at was a coin toss. Brady has never played at the level Josh was at in this playoffs, not even close
  12. Or maybe they are worth the same. And only one side acknowledges that
  13. You seem to blame everyone and everything but the shooter
  14. I'm actually looking forward to it. Did you see Brady's hole in one?
  15. This is next level shit talking https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-match-tom-brady-aaron-rodgers-josh-allen?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=golfdigest
  16. Yes it can. I had a flat tire just recently in a similar spot here in Florida. I got out to change it and said F this Im calling a tow truck. The way the cars zoom by it just ain't worth it. It's called Fort Liquordale for a reason. Can't trust them to stay in their lane. Not to mention a co worker of mine died while changing his tire on a expressway here.
  17. Josh Allen Destroys this Defense BTW. He's made mincemeat of the Niners and the Jets defense under Saleah, the Broncos under Vic too. In their defense, when you have a QB that runs and makes passes from pocket or outside of the pocket, spreads the wealth, can accurately throw to ever spot on the field with velocity and isn't afraid to get hit....Theres not much you can do scheme wise.
  18. A friend of mine said they saw it happen down here in FL and didn't know who it was until she saw the news. He was on a busy exit where no one would ever think to stop at. Crazy to cross the road there. He just flew up in the air and was dead on impact.
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