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  1. Tre White was in the 1st Round and we would have won a SB if he wasn't injured so I fail to see your point
  2. So you didnt see the match up nightmare of having undrafted CB and 7th round CB going against cheetah? 4.6-4.7 guys tying to run with the fastest guy in the league. Do I really have to spell out to you why the Chiefs had the Bills number the last two years. That's 100% the reason the Bills were sent home and Cheetah is talking shit in Miami. Dont you know that's why we weren't able to play our regular defense at the end of the game because we were terrified of that speed? I already know what you will say but no offense can keep up with that. Cheetah is one and only one. You ain't gonna find that in the draft.
  3. They are doing exactly what they did to Tre. They are leaving him on a island against the best players on the team. When the season starts they will scheme to take pressure away.
  4. Remember when Tre was getting torched in practice and preseason his rookie year but was a stud during the regular season. No need to freak out
  5. So players that can close the gap on that 13 seconds isn't helping the QB?
  6. You think we are still talking about the article with the tangent we went on? Lol. Trump isn't my end all, god and family is. Trump wanted less government when it came to less taxes, regulations and anti sensationalism/proproganda/political correctness/globalism. How can I not get behind that when I want less government in my life? Never worshiped the man or care for his personal life. Like I said many progressive aren't situationally aware of its constituents and are emotionally compromised. Thus bad decision making with out the real facts. (Ex mr crappy pants Biden is wreaking the country from those decisions)
  7. If ignorance is a propensity for wealth/prosperity due to a belief in accountability and staying unshackled from government handouts for losers, then call me ignorant
  8. Sure man everyone rich person is a stockholder or board member.
  9. Rich people aren't corporations btw. Didn't I say ideology isn't a greed thing, it's the human race. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. We are taxed 7-8 different ways, we pay more taxes than many socialist countries when you break it down. It's enough. You want more? Its not okay for someone to keep their money if they earned it and took risks. So let's give our money to the Government because they actually spend it on the poor. What a lie. Their greed doesn't count. Only a fool believes it trickles down to the poor. This false hope is on display every election year with the same results. Liberal areas always have the most poor and homeless. Where there is corporations their is jobs and good quality of life. The fact is many Liberals live in Lala land. They don't understand people or how the world works. They chase this carrot their whole life and don't realize they are being played for fools by their phony agenda of being saviors of minorities/poor.
  10. Republicans and corporate greed?? the fact that people like Pelosi and Schumer are as rich as they are from being career politicians tells you greed isn't a ideology it's a human thing. Liberals don't know how to use that to their advantage. They aren't situational aware of that, they aren't people smart
  11. I think we all know people that collect pay checks from the govt and they aren't allowed to work or they will lose their benefit. That's forced poverty. Less people on food stamps and welfare in modern history under the previous admin. All those numbers you had posted had decreased under the orange guy before COVID.
  12. https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/476959-contrary-to-what-the-media-reports-middle-class-americans-are-surging/amp/ Let's not forget, Trump had the middle class prospering in January 2020 right before the Chinese massacre. The big plan all along to crush small mom and pop businesses. A partnership of government coercion and big corporation greed of a few wealthy families that formed the Federal reserve.
  13. You win some you lose some but he got roasted all game against kelce in the divisional round. Especially the last play of the year which made me think he lost some athleticism bulking up too much for his small frame. Fast LBers are required for the scheme, a big LBer is more of a luxury. That's the reason they drafted Bernard this year.
  14. True, he use to get hurt more. He also use to be an elite coverage linebacker, not so much anymore or the Bills would have made it to the AFC championship game last year.
  15. I believe you Hip. This slander and defamation of character deserves added time in the box. Why can he still post this and poop all over the range though?
  16. Biggest weakness interior offensive line (what's new) and safety depth. maybe TE group as well because OJ Howard might be the worst route runner in the league with those fragile ankles of his.
  17. Injuries aside...This team should win a SB. This offense and defense is so stacked it reminds me of Peyton's first year with Denver.
  18. He's the true miss match week to week that the offense lacked.
  19. I think the Bills are clearly better this year. It's the year after that could be a dog fight especially when Miami upgrades their QB situation.
  20. I wouldn't be suprised if Jets finished 2nd in the division. They are finally building it right and expect a lot of players to step up. Starting with Carl Lawson and Mosley being healthy additions from last years team. Also Elijah Moore and Zack Wilson having a year in the same system, something Darold never had, consistency with the same offense.
  21. Doesn't the baby have a body? A heart beat that determines life in the science world. But you support science don't you?
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