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  1. Think Bates ends up taking over the Center position this year
  2. He's isn't right about anything. In fact the truth is the opposite of what he thinks up.
  3. Allen can overcome a lot of weaknesses to a point. It's almost like Manning. It's why I think Manning was better than Brady. He had to do more heavy lifting in the playoffs against the elite teams than Brady ever did. Same with Allen. It just becomes too much for one person against the elite defenses and high scoring offenses to keep up. True with T white Bills would have been in the bowl. Edmonds was a liability against the run, and wasn't that great in man coverage. Bills will do better without him.
  4. They didn't show up the div round 2021 against the Chiefs. White...sure that was a big factor but that healthy Allen in the playoffs the year before was rolling. Almost unbeatable but as we know the Bills managed to screw that up.
  5. Despite all those injury's the one that was the biggest was Allens Elbow
  6. I get that but he's a trophy hunter at that this point. The Bills can get 13 wins with or without him.
  7. You sit him because he can only stay healthy for a handful of games at his age. Need him in the playoffs, that's it.
  8. You don't want good defensive players on the team? These are one year contracts Sean. The draft was all offense almost, why we freaking out here?
  9. He said he has improved in practice this Year! Lol You read this move all wrong it's a late depth piece. They need the numbers for camp. Wont be suprised if Benford starts to get cross trained a little at safety now. Like Hyde was early in his career at Green Bay.
  10. A defensive player of the year Stephon Gilmore has a chip doesnt he? Looked just like Elam starting out. Don't scream at the sky just yet. Everyone is over thinking it because Benford is a pleasant surprise. That's a good thing
  11. Von will be on the PUP list for a while. Think they will keep everyone until he comes back. Shane Ray to the practice squad
  12. Point being it takes a very special player to overcome deficiencies in the offense like this. They were masked by 17 until playoffs, where ultimately they were exposed. Young Lebron was another one of those rare athletes that can overcome his teammates weaknesses due to his all around game. People don't realize how special of an athlete Allen really is. He's a unicorn for sure. Not any other player in the league can be a teams passing and rushing lead horse and put up these kind of numbers. He is the best. Mahomes is just getting all the glory right now.
  13. Yet they were number 4 in the league in that department too. Again number 17 is the best in the league regardless what anyone says
  14. Does anyone else think it's amazing that the bills ranked #2 with a shit offensive line. A real testament to JA. With a healthy elbow...He's the best in the league hands down. You put Mahomes or Hurts behind the same oline they would do significantly worse
  15. Frazier was calling the plays and he was at the end of the game. Why do you think everyone wanted his head after 13seconds? McDermott was to blame because he delegated responsibility instead of taking the reins when he should have. His style is a lot more aggressive than Fraziers.
  16. It took him Patrick Mahomes. He's always had the best offensive system in football year after year.
  17. McDermott trusting his D coordinator at the end of games is the whole reason the Bills don't have a Lombardi.
  18. Signed with other teams (seven): Receiver Jamison Crowder (Giants), linebacker Tremaine Edmunds (Chicago), safety Jaquan Johnson (Las Vegas), quarterback Case Keenum (Houston), running back Devin Singletary (Houston), tight end Tommy Sweeney (Giants) and guard Greg Van Roten (Las Vegas). Unsigned (five): Guard Rodger Saffold, offensive tackle Bobby Hart, running back Taiwan Jones and receivers Cole Beasley and Jake Kumerow. Look at all the players who left. The reason why the roster was flawed was from everyone on this list. Missing Isaiah McKenzie too. Better by subtraction
  19. I don't agree. They need to be uncomfortable and come up with new ways of doing things. 13 seconds happened because they were comfortable running the same damn bs. They need to be challenged and have a growth mindset if they want to win a SB
  20. Dorian Williams is going to be a stud, especially in pass D. The more I research him, the more I appreciate his game. Instinctive, plays big, a heat seeking missile that blows up a teams screen game and hits very hard for his size. That Tulane team went from terrible to good..Williams was a key reason for that. He was a late bloomer. 190 pounds pre COVID to 230 pounds now. He's just starting to hit his stride. Bills upgraded at MLB. Edmunds was always a second too late diagnosing plays, missed tackles(doesn't hit with his Shoulder pads often) and I have seen him struggle to get off blocks with Wrs. He was exposed in the playoffs. Bills can do better and they have.
  21. Funny I think it's the opposite. Williams looks a lot stronger
  22. If people were robots I would agree with you. Are you saying we aren't dealing with human beings here? How do they ever cover this up? They acted out incredible athletic feats and catches? Makes perfect sense now
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