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  1. Hmm why am I always right and you are always proven wrong
  2. What is wrong with you. Your party notoriously proves day in and day out it hates the American success story. Let me know when you can have an adult conversation
  3. Didn't I just show you last time the president can just say it's unclassified and it's unclassified. He doesn't even need to put that in writing. 😂 You are holding on to the idea.. I got you now Trump after years of falling short. No God Damn you're daft lol. I'm leading all the deaf and dumb horses to water, just drink it or lose your way again I don't care
  4. You can't cancel everyone and put out propaganda like this and act "just" for railroading an ex president...it's rather Nazi ish. First amendment in this country actually means something, yes even our orange citizens can have an opinion
  5. This team doesn't value RB and won't use them in a traditional sense. That would be a wasted pick. If anything a big bruising back would motivate Allen to hit someone too. The guy is different
  6. Already have Tre white and Kaiir Elam. More value in getting the best 11 out there. Bills like safeties with CB skills, easy to convert a cover two CB to safety. Just like Byrd...Poyer was a ballhawk CB in college as well
  7. Benford is our future stud safety. Same career path as Micah Hide who started out at CB
  8. Mckenzie had a TD so no he don't out play him. They both caused their QB to have interceptions. Wins will hide these important details
  9. Not when he causes interceptions for slowing his route and being unaware of the defender around him. Those two interceptions wouldn't have happened if beas was the target
  10. What kind of governor tells its citizens to leave. Saying I'm such a mess that maybe you guys should go to a better place. Lol Love living in Fl where freedom is still a thing. All the liberals like AOC wanted to come down here and party without masks yet preach their totalitarian bullshit up north because they never worked hard for money in their life, they don't know how to get it other than steal it.
  11. Exactly... QB, Left Tackle, WR2(our future stud and Number 1), talent at CB1 and CB2, 3 developing pass rushers, a solid three tech DT. All fairly young guys and they are at the most important positions of a football team. Bills will be highly competitive for years. They have old guys at back up positions weighing down the average because they can't have the liability of inexperience if the injury bug hits. Specifically the backup players on the oline that have plenty of starting experience.
  12. "He admitted to failing to pay taxes on some $1.7 million in income and is expected to face five months in prison as well as five years of probation." Rich people trying to avoid paying taxes what a surprise here! Meanwhile Biden caught on video bragging about quid pro quo, instead of looking into that, let's investigate Trump for 4 years on quid pro quo instead for even questioning our corruption. Now this man is president lol. Now that's the kind of corruption a man can get behind? You got to be pretty gullible to be manipulated with this sensationalism over and over again.
  13. Yeah but your examples are of people charged with personal stuff like tax evasion not related to Trump. Another TDS post with zero merit. This further displays the mental illness and signs of a mental breakdown.
  14. This tells me they added complementary pieces with experience to get over the hump. The core is fairly young though. This team is stacked and don't need to bank on developing PS players anymore. Vets want to come here.
  15. The Bills want to win, not win the best circus. Nothing to be torn over. The rest of the team didn't deserve this drama and it's not fair to them to keep a roster spot open for something that could last for over a year. Araiza will have a job if proven innocent and the last thing he needs now is to be in the media. If that phone call is real he is guilty as fuck of something. Don't know what this loyalty BULLSHIT is about, this would TANK the year to keep his drama going and may cost us a SB. There is other players on this team that worked hard and did things the right way. How about we be loyal to them. So Let's Move on and play ball. It's a fucking punter thank god it wasn't an important player that moves the needle.
  16. Bottom line zero criminal charges have been filed at this time. Zero arrests. That means there wouldn't be Public knowledge of any arrests. If they felt the police didn't have enough evidence to make an arrest and a lawsuit wasn't filed either at the time why would anyone think a football team should be more on top of this than the local authorities. They already advise the University to stay out of this. Also I could be wrong but isn't it more likely to sue someone after seeing the results of a criminal proceeding when evidence was presented? I'm thinking management was expecting this before taking the next step.
  17. The fact he isn't in jail now or wasnt ever arrested probably says they don't have any DNA evidence or witnesses.
  18. The reason is they have 3 guys already that can play right tackle. Only one solid back up inside with Mancz. They are looking for another and hoping Ford is the guy. Quessenberry is another option but he may be starting right Tackle. If that's the case Ford should make the team.
  19. He's as versatile as any. He played right tackle too. Whether he is good enough is a different matter. Think he could be a solid backup if he keeps this up, he looked good last week too.
  20. They piggy backed off one reporter who obviously doesnt know that it's expected for rookies to struggle early on against all pros when learning new defenses and new techniques 🙄. This isn't the whole national medias opinion, it was one person.
  21. With that being said....It didn't change the fact they should have wrapped this up much sooner if they had the speed in the secondary to match. Not the slowest CBs in the league that they fielded that day.
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