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  1. I think they win out. It's got that '21 vibe going. When the bills were 7-6 and got hot
  2. Bills lack of toughness and leadership is why they aren't consistent. The players they recently added definitely fit the bill though.
  3. Most Billsy scenario. I would put money on it
  4. Why do you think Philly's Dline was so nasty last year, these fat old guys Linval/Suh took on double teams and shored up the run. Same scenario, they signed in a November
  5. The Guy isnt a stud. Sure maybe better than what we have in Dane Jackson. Not worth a 2nd for a one year rental though. I still think Elam will be better than this guy eventually but the Bills are impatient(not getting reps with with all the talent in the world, he will be another Wyatt Teller situation)
  6. Skip all the Muslim countries
  7. Why do they all have to have the same butch hair cut
  8. Bs it was messed up from the beginning, since ancient Babylon. Backwards as ever. The Israelites were the native Americans of the region. Mufti of Jerusalem partnered with his pale Hitler and with their crusade to exterminate the Jews. Him and his followers started these modern terrorist organizations. Let's not forget 6 million Jews in death camps were killed due to others blaming the Jews for all their problems(very progressive like to blame it on the rich or in their case rich jews) and further more demonize those that support them(also progressive in nature). How anyone supports people who treat woman the way they do is beyond me. Leftist clowns are supporting these people in mass numbers, who want to beat and batter their 50 virgins in heaven, the same ideology of people who murdered 3k people in 9/11. What's really encouraging is that we have these extreme lefties at our fine colleges and institutions that are showing their true colors for the whole world to see.
  9. Yeah need strong depth there. White is too expensive to keep
  10. The Civil war was fought over state rights, slavery was one of those rights the white slave owners feared of losing and the fact that blacks fought along side whites and were paid as equals was really all we need to know about Lincoln and the Republicans stance on the subject. Parties were switched when? During times of Segregation when they implemented the Jim Crow laws? Still telling black people TODAY they aren't good enough to think for themselves and need special treatment. They need to be dependent on white people and vote for them only like Biden says. This switch they say is just called trying to separate themselves from a toxic history and Biden is a prime example of it. His history is a racist one, one were he had a strong political voice of white supremacy over the subject of segregation. The party of wanting more government has always been a control issue, SJ, its this ideology that is prone to the practice of canceling people and manipulating voters.
  11. It's not Christian you fucking idiot. It has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ. It was founded to intimidate and keep blacks from votings. 6 democraps started it to oppose the Lincoln republicans who freed blacks people. Their goal to intimate the new black voters. They are still telling blacks people, you aren't "black enough if you don't vote for me" -Biden or "segregating schools will be a jungle"- Biden They also say they don't want to change the legislation to require people to vote with an ID. That's the same sketchy shit they have always done since they founded the KKK
  12. Clear as day. The KKK whitey left just don't like it and they can't hide the fact they can't control black people anymore with the same tactics they are pulling on Trump. Which is...we are out to get you even when we don't have shit on you.
  13. Oh I'm sorry I'm acknowledging police favoritism and you aren't. Tell me you aren't racist to the current climate you insensitive whitey. You think black people are criminals that are accused without due process as well. Your KKK roots are showing lefty. Wait a min I thought their was a big switch years ago and the party of Lincoln are the suppressors, yet still canceling folks 😂
  14. It does have a straight out of Compton feel to it. That alone might of caused Trump to go from 20 percent of the black vote to 50 percent.
  15. Elam could be just as good and they keep the draft pics and an extra year at a rookie salary. Elam and Benford are the future and the bills wont take a big salary hit with them until Von Miller, Tre White and Mitch Morse are off the books. Stay the course
  16. Spencer Brown is more than serviceable, Guards are solid, Dawkins looks the best he ever has. Good depth, like what I see for the future. Maybe draft another Center next year and this team is good for years to come. I like the back up tackle as well.
  17. Hero Allen actually plays like a super hero against the fish though. Let him ball I say
  18. This is just plain dumb. 16 points allowed with 4 turnovers on offense is very impressive. Pass rush was outstanding.
  19. Nick wright even looks like a troll. Look at the beak on that guy. Can't stand his annoying takes to suck off mahomes. It was Week 1 it doesn't mean shit...let's see what happens now and how the Bills respond.
  20. How many points did the Chargers put up? Dolphins almost lost to an average team with all those weapons. Not impressed. Bills should have no problem against them
  21. 36 inch arms has to be 99 percentile, can't suck too bad with 83 starts
  22. Hell...Leave him out until week 17, only time we need him. That's when teams need to get hot for the playoffs
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