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  1. I loved it too. You know he won't stand for losing. Passion is good in football.
  2. But he's our weirdo. Maybe it keeps everybody loose lol
  3. White comes back. Love to see Benford get reps at safety. Athleticism, size and physicality to excel there.
  4. Guess you didn't watch the 2007 patriots considered the best team ever vs the Giants
  5. No the Chiefs are the big bad pistons once Jordan finally got over the hump with that team no one could stop him. Once Allen beats their ass this year he will go on to winning multiple championships. The superior athlete of QBs resides in Buffalo. Jordan was that guy to the NBA. Not to mention...The Bulls are 5 letters so are the Bills. Bulls won nothing until Jordan arrived the Bills haven't either. The Bills have a Bulls like defense this year. Sean time to accept the odds are in the Bills favor now, they have guys who handle pressure well on both sides of the ball. Look at how Allen and Von have elevated themselves come playoff time. Just enjoy the ride and watch greatness at work.
  6. Hmm why am I always right and you are always proven wrong
  7. What is wrong with you. Your party notoriously proves day in and day out it hates the American success story. Let me know when you can have an adult conversation
  8. Didn't I just show you last time the president can just say it's unclassified and it's unclassified. He doesn't even need to put that in writing. 😂 You are holding on to the idea.. I got you now Trump after years of falling short. No God Damn you're daft lol. I'm leading all the deaf and dumb horses to water, just drink it or lose your way again I don't care
  9. You can't cancel everyone and put out propaganda like this and act "just" for railroading an ex president...it's rather Nazi ish. First amendment in this country actually means something, yes even our orange citizens can have an opinion
  10. This team doesn't value RB and won't use them in a traditional sense. That would be a wasted pick. If anything a big bruising back would motivate Allen to hit someone too. The guy is different
  11. Already have Tre white and Kaiir Elam. More value in getting the best 11 out there. Bills like safeties with CB skills, easy to convert a cover two CB to safety. Just like Byrd...Poyer was a ballhawk CB in college as well
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