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  1. This is just plain dumb. 16 points allowed with 4 turnovers on offense is very impressive. Pass rush was outstanding.
  2. Nick wright even looks like a troll. Look at the beak on that guy. Can't stand his annoying takes to suck off mahomes. It was Week 1 it doesn't mean shit...let's see what happens now and how the Bills respond.
  3. How many points did the Chargers put up? Dolphins almost lost to an average team with all those weapons. Not impressed. Bills should have no problem against them
  4. 36 inch arms has to be 99 percentile, can't suck too bad with 83 starts
  5. Hell...Leave him out until week 17, only time we need him. That's when teams need to get hot for the playoffs
  6. Edmunds stunk against the run and wasn't good in man coverage either. Sure he knew the Defense and called in the plays. Not a big deal once things come together
  7. A 6th rounder who is balling is a bad thing? Lol He's obviously not playing like one. So your logic is that you penalize Beane for drafting a gem in the later rounds, makes sense. Btw Elams man coverage skills are elite already, can you think of a senario when that might come in handy....say maybe the Dolphins. He's just missing some teachable things like Dane Jackson has in spades, tackling/zone awareness. You aren't letting this play out
  8. He's not struggling, he balled out in the playoffs. Hardly a bust. They just have other options and this competition is wisely being used by the coaching staff to make everyone better, since everyone excels at something . Btw Benford will be the ball hawk safety when Hyde or Poyer leave. He's proving he can get it done at CB like Hyde did early in his career
  9. Christian will be the future at Safety with his good cover skills and he will be a pro bowler there . Then everyone will be happy. Elam proved last year he can ball on the boundary. This is a good problem they have
  10. He's already a top run defender in the league. Who gets 8 sacks in his second year. Relax with this dumb shit
  11. As good as Bruce was, he is only one guy. There is 18 DLman in camp this year and they run in waves. To put things in perspective, No one is gonna argue that the rams have the best Dline in football, even though they have Aaron Donald.
  12. Were you living under a rock. Von got hurt, Philips got hurt and everyone hobbled. Enter Poona Ford and Leonard insurance policies if that happens again. Both durable players
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