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  1. Hope so....Hyde and Benford and we are money
  2. Yup, more people in history voted for this democrat. That's why only retards believe it's legit
  3. Bills get the bye they are winning the whole damn thing. Only thing this team needs is the bye to get healthy
  4. Just sit him until the playoffs
  5. Niners always have injuries that derail their season. Maybe it's because they overly invest in these types of players. 2,3,4 round picks are important depth players not good when you trade that for a player who can't stay healthy
  6. Hamstring injuries are tricky. You think a teams medical staff would hold him out because when reinjured it becomes a problem all year. He came back a week too soon and they knew it. I had a high hamstring injury happen to me in HS felt a little better before I was pressured from the coaching staff to play that week. I was done with the rest of the year. My senior year I was healthier, could still feel the scar tissue in my hammy and so it was still off a bit. Managed to lead the team in sacks and probably every game I played in. But it cost me any scholarship talk for colleges. Community college it was Lol. It all worked out though. At this point in my life, happy to have healthy knees/CTE free over the experience of playing college ball.
  7. If he sat last week he would have been close to 100% this week. Worst decision of the year so far. May cost the bills a win this week
  8. I wish they had a Cam Chancellor type on this team.
  9. When are we gonna talk about Morse being one of the worst run blocking centers in the league? There is a reason the run blocking problems coincides with that signing
  10. Allen doesn't just check down because he can make the Big play anytime he's feeling it. Thus he sometimes holds the ball longer and plays outside the play design. Mahomey does the same thing. You are thinking of Brady here
  11. To answer your question there is only one defense better than Buffalos this year and it's the Niners. Nobody should score over 15 points when this defense is healthy not even the chiefs. Pressure up the middle has been missing the past two weeks.
  12. What you talking about...Pass rush led to that interception in the end zone.
  13. I loved it too. You know he won't stand for losing. Passion is good in football.
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