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  1. When are we going to see that our government is more interested in money than they are in us?
  2. I wasn't aware I had to run all posts by you for approval before actually posting them.
  3. Reported - TOS Violation - Constant Crusading to get TWD banned.
  4. Guess we need to ban any poster that "crusades" for the Buffalo Bills.
  5. He didn't bother me, I just ignored him.
  6. Are you insinuating Shiva was somehow involved with Showgirls? If so, that would explain a lot about him.
  7. Ignore the trolls and they will go away when they realize no attention is focused on them.
  8. If its a fresh start with new leadership, everyone should be allowed a place until they break the rules. Won't be a good look for you to prematurely ban anyone based on their behaviors here, if you are only going to ban one user.
  9. Joey should win the men's title, declare himself a woman and then win the women's title, undisputed champion!
  10. I would ignore it just like every other $@!# message I get.
  11. Well its a little early, but I wish everyone here(left or right) a Happy Memorial Day.
  12. The Hammer, he should take on Tiger woods
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