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  1. If he does live on long island, he can't be too hard to find, just look for the one guy walking around in a Bill's Jersey.
  2. Never said it did, but Biden is not the answer. Neither was Trump.
  3. Don't worry Hip, Biden's going to fix everything...just as soon as he learns to ride a bike.
  4. yes, right after they release the list off all the people who frequently visited Epstein's Island.
  5. I'll have to read up on Tim Ryan, don't hear him mentioned much.
  6. Not posting much, just reading the exciting "marvel legends civil war" between Captain America and Canadian Bacon.
  7. The obvious solution is to send even more weapons and money to the Ukraine. Can't have those pesky Russians win.
  8. Hundreds reading posts in this forum? Try like ten or eleven people at most (discounting all the alts)
  9. Who do you feel in the Democrat party is ready to take the mantle from Joe Biden?
  10. Because in his little mind he believes everyone here is breathlessly awaiting his next post. Just ignore him, every time you respond, you feed his ego and encourage him to continue to spew his nonsense onto the forum.
  11. The initial hook, "Obnoxious Trump and his cowardly minions" versus "The graceful Obama's dancing their way to a private dinner" immediately gives away the author's glaring bias, no need to read the rest of the diarrhea he is spewing onto the computer.
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