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  1. wick·ed /ˈwikid/ adjective adjective: wicked; comparative adjective: wickeder; superlative adjective: wickedest evil or morally wrong. "a wicked and unscrupulous politician" Similar: evil sinful immoral wrong
  2. Saw the movie, she was clearly evil in the movie. in fact they called her wicked.
  3. I never read the books, dumbass. Why don’t you take your shit back to the zone? Don’t come here and be a douche, I didn’t attack you so take that shit somewhere else. Unless you plan to back your mouth up in real life.
  4. No satan is evil and maybe if he is Muslim. I don’t tell my Muslim friends who to pray to.
  5. You were the one making the argument, it’s up to you to prove your argument.
  6. Sorry the police department has been defunded please call your local social service dept. and they will advise you what you can do next.
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