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  1. They are just a little behind on pop culture in Canada. They are just now getting into dude, rad, groovy and far out. They are doing poutine eating contests.
  2. PMoon? Idk but he was a good dude. I’m sure Lit could shoot him an email.
  3. And it seems to me Tanya hasn’t had a real man yet.
  4. Why did they burn down, break windows or rob houses or businesses of American citizens? I saw this very thing in NC when they started rioting there when citizens protected their property after they broke out all their windows the night before
  5. Looks like some guys probably protecting their property from left wing nuts
  6. Yeah that’s why shut that shut down. I can smell his bs from a mile away.
  7. I didn’t say that you did. I’m not here to teach you anything. If you didn’t learn this in elementary school then I see where most of your issues are stemming from.
  8. I posted a picture of it. Maybe you need to update your software it’s probably still loading on your screen.
  9. Maybe Toronto just looks like a bunch of people who live on the streets, and the writers got confused.
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