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  1. Maybe he’s thinking he’s going to be a good tackler. 17 tackles and 2 sacks in the sugar bowl. He could probably stand to add a few lbs which he probably has by this time and going into season.
  2. PFF gave him a 64.6 score as a rookie and Edmunds had 79.0 last year. Edmunds was 54 score his rookie season and only scored higher than Bernard last season. Edmunds has been awful according to pff
  3. In schools? I guess depends on the age of the children. It also be considered indoctrination, again I never read the book. Why do you change the subject? You asked if religions should be taught in school and they are then you ask me about a book that is mostly the opinion of the author not educational. Why do you act like you don’t know the difference. This is what I mean when I say you are disingenuous. You are clearly a smart guy and already know the answer. It seems to me that you hope that the person you are arguing with doesn’t have the answer which is just lazy. Just like the life at conception thing. You capsules have said yup it’s true and moved on.
  4. Idk I didn’t read it. It probably comes off as offensive to one religious group or another or atheists such as F8 who thinks there should be no religion in schools.
  5. And no I don’t think Christianity should be taught in schools other than it is a religion.
  6. Absolutely they teach all that in world history. I didn’t learn about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam on the streets.
  7. Yeah the 1st book is about who God is. While I don’t agree with pulling all books I would have to go through each one. But being a Floridian I saw that there were local parents with kids in middle school bringing home books from the school library that would definitely be considered Mature. I am dead set against censorship, but in schools it’s an entirely different thing.
  8. So you are talking about CRT and not the history of the civil rights movement. You made it sound like they were taking all great African American civil rights leaders out of the history books. But instead DeSantis wants all children to be taught that they are equal regardless of race, ethnicity or religion, and that they should be taught that none is superior to the others. What a maniac!!!
  9. They absolutely teach civil rights in FL and the history of it. I think you are confusing it with CRT.
  10. Oh you mean the one where students should be taught that everyone is equal regardless of race or ethnicity? Yeah I will take that over the meth-head.
  11. Sure you will. Maybe you can meet up with VWR at the Chinese restaurant
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