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  1. Madden AI even until this day is worse than NFL 2k4 lol, madden is just not a good franchise, EA is able to do the bare minimum and still sell copies and now they make more money than ever with the micro-transactions.
  2. diff strokes for diff folks, it seems tbh that most are on your side and think it was dumb, I thought it added an extra element of realism and having to actually play as a pocket passer
  3. best madden was madden 2006 with the passing vision cone. I don't think i've enjoyed a EA sports since like Fifa 08 smh. Only sports game I now buy is Football Manager series. It's like a super immersive sim game for soccer
  4. And all Dems needed to do was sit on their hands for decades and let Roe v Wade to get overturned so they can "rally the votes" Do yourselves a favor and give 0 attention to politics. You are picking a side of something that masquerades as two parties, American Govt' is just a mega-corp
  5. oversized sunglasses are a thing for....ever? You probably typed this in cargo shorts
  6. did you just literally post a well-known satirical news site LOL This is the equivalent of posting an article from The Onion lmaoooo
  7. yup exactly, it's literally the flipped scenario for a lot of dems and they can't even see the hypocrisy lol...Trudeau just released a statement completely blind to the irony
  8. most people getting abortions are already poor and may not have the means to travel 1-2 states away to get a medically treated abortion
  9. people caring about unborn babies is top tier virtue signaling. The end.
  10. No way should we pay poyer he'll be 32 next year. You have him play out this year, hopefully win a ring, shake his hand and wish him well in free agency
  11. She's unwell and receiving treatment, the fuck you want people to do? become a doctor?
  12. I'll be honest, I like jersey retirements to be stringent, my buffalo group chat was talking about this yesterday, and most of us were in agreement that we shouldn't retire Miller's number. We literally retired Hasek's number 6 months ago, he is the 7th Sabre number retired. I really don't feel like Miller deserves to be up there with the others.
  13. Gross sucker punch, but also the victim here needs to realize when you’re at an away game, and your team wins, you stfu when you leave. If it wasn’t this guy that sucker punched him, it could have been 5000 others at the arena that would have reacted the same abhorrent way
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