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  1. This makes it worth to come to this board.
  2. So, you are demanding a poster should post the shit you wanna see? Ok, got it.
  3. Hey Sparky, I answered your shit. If you don’t like it, too fuckin bad.
  4. You say it’s policy then tell the black congressman to fix their problems instead of treating blacks like shit once they get their vote. It’s been happening for over 50 years. Nothing will ever get done if the minority politicians they’ve voted into office won’t do shit for them.
  5. If white privilege is real, then why can’t I get my white privilege card and cash it in? If I’m so privileged then a minority should be waiting on me hand and foot while I whip the peasant around? White liberal guilt is right up there with violent black crime as this country’s greatest threat, not white privilege or white supremacy. Blacks commit over 50% of the violent crimes in this country, while being only 13% of the population. The sooner you grasp this FACT as the greatest threat to this country, the better off you’ll be.
  6. Taking these nuts off the streets shouldn’t be political at all. If it’s about policy to you then, tell BOTH sides to come up with better policies. BOTH sides are complicit in this.
  7. Mental health isn’t a political issue and the sooner you throw out politics with this heinous crime the better off you’ll be.
  8. How was this pathetic piece of mental shit not in an insane asylum when all the signs were there that he was a complete nutcase? Incompetence at every level cost 10 people their lives.
  9. That thing went so far it had a flight attendant on it.
  10. Again, another fuckin moronic poster who wants to politicize actions ALL OF US condemn.
  11. Yeah, it’s Tucker Carlson’s fault this little maniac gunned down folks. What a stupid sheep you are. Holy shit.
  12. Who gives a fuck what his politics are he’s a fucking piece of shit that deserves to die violently
  13. Fuck Lemonaids, Tonyatwat or whoever the fuck this asshole is.
  14. Why would the OP have anyone comment in his thread when the stupid fucknut has everyone on ignore. God this OP is one stupid lowlife motherfucker.
  15. The Bills played the 4pm game on TD, the 8:20pm game and now it’ll be the 12:30pm game. Had to get all the bases covered within 4 seasons.
  16. I heard Psucki is the front runner for the lead role in the next “Ginger Snaps” movie.
  17. Yep you got the pretty one on the left and the evil Ginger on the right.
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