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  1. China is in violation of our airspace for starters.
  2. You say you’re the smartest person on here. You can figure it out.
  3. Another worthless thread by a useless f8eak poster. We get that you hate everyone and everything Republican. Enough already, get a new hobbie, Bobby.
  4. While there were most of these issues for years, were you complaining when the Demonrats spent millions of dollars and endless oodles of time on the bullshit Russian collusion delusion, talking to Trump junior for endless hours (when they all KNEW it was BULLSHIT)??? No So shut the fuck up, you freak.
  5. We know exactly how you would feel if it was the other guy’s son.
  6. Blacks are looking to move out of the black community for greener pastures. You don't see other people of every walk of life wanting to move into black communities. No one wants to talk about this FACT.
  7. Thanks, but I am kidding too. I am not a fat fuck and I haven't had any coronaries. At least not yet. I'll have a coronary and die........ and then the Bills will win the SB.
  8. I don’t think he means that he’s above everyone. But I guess you guys have a long history on here.
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