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  1. Yeah, I'm sure everyone here is jealous of King Fat Bastard. He's so fat his blood type is Ragu.
  2. With all that said, the Bills still won the game, but the coaching staff fucked up. I will give the coaching staff a pass because this franchise was shit before they got here. But what happened in the last game can NEVER be allowed again.
  3. The Devils have all these high draft picks and one of the best farm systems in all of the NHL and they still suck. What fuckin gives????
  4. Where are the Planet of the Apes pics for fatass and shriveled up???
  5. A team that has taken a lead with 16 seconds or less left in the game have only lost twice in the history of the game. It was 13 seconds, and the other???? The MCM. Both Bills disasters. Point is, McDermott could have put you and I back there and the Bills should still NEVER lose the last game they played.
  6. I bet you use your wife’s dildo to fuck your fatass asshole you dumb fuckin 12-eyed fat fuck Canuck.
  7. Says the fat bitch who epitomizes a fuckin coward.
  8. Lit, just 86 Lemonaids already. Do you need or want this headache?
  9. Except if you use a particular word. You are tarred and feathered for using that word. 🤢🤢🤢🤢
  10. No, he's just a blimpy bitch in general.
  11. This is where Singletary comes in. I think he is tremendously underrated and tremendously underused by the Bills. Remember last year the offense really didn’t take off until they settled on Singletary getting a majority of the workload. Another reason why the brought in Saffold. They may want Allen to run less, but the Bills can’t take it out of his game. Just look at what Walsh did with Young. Young was a tremendous runner, but he became an all time thrower, while the threat of him running was always there. Thats the trajectory Allen is on.
  12. Ben had a long productive career throwing. Cunningham adjusted his game, which helped the Vikings go 15-1 in 1998 at age 35. And Newton just fell off the face of the planet because he was always a better a runner than an a thrower. Josh Allen is just a different animal than the three aforementioned QB's. I know it only takes one hit, but I am not too worried about Allen.
  13. His opinion means a lot more around here than your stupid Michelin Tire Man ass.
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