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  1. Defense did their jobs for the most. They are a walking MASH unit and they held the vaunted Dolphins to 212 total yards. Can't ask for much more in today's NFL.
  2. They needed the perfect shitstorm of the walking wounded to eek out a victory.
  3. You started this stupid thread and put it in the Bills section you simpleton. You started this to piss off the football purists on this board, no one else.
  4. Lemonaids will just say you are lying. But he's a dumb fuck anyways that nobody listens to.
  5. Why the fuck do you care about my education? Why do we give a fuck about your education? Just because a sack of shit like you DEMANDS that I post my education doesn't make me squirm to your demands, Humpty.
  6. What IQ numbnuts? You’re one of the dumbest fucks on here. FACT
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