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  1. It's a huge game but I think you will find Tua won't make it through a 17 game season. He should not be playing football
  2. I still have his jersey somewhere It's a great car waxer
  3. The Dolphins beat the chargers by 2 points than the Mac Jones Patriots by 7. The Dolphins than pounded on the worst team in football I rank the Dolphins at #5 because I feel generous
  4. We always suck in white
  5. I did notice a lot of fans hanging out over there before the game Actually there was a line
  6. Don't you love it? 5 years ago, it was the Patriots
  7. Well, they looked better, a lot less penalties, the starters look good. I am happy
  8. The Jets made a desperate mistake. Locker room cancer Just remember I told you so...
  9. Elam is not a good preseason football player. He will improve when it counts. Dion Dawkins is another example of a player that sucks in training camp/ preseason
  10. I have seen enough of Aaron Rogers, he is not the guy from 5 years ago,his scrambIing skills remind me of Tom Brady. I predict a big let down for Jets fans. Bills 27 Jets 10
  11. Personally I think he has a shot Always nice chatting with you CL, I am a fan
  12. The soft spot in Buffalo's defense is between the two 20s . We give up way to many medium throws Cincinnati killed us with this is the playoffs
  13. I am glad he is more "wise " now Everybody should take a year off
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