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  1. I will be watching every game this year, haven't missed any in over 40 years
  2. Let me tell you what I see at camp, draw your own conclusions.. First of all defensive players can not get anywhere near Josh Allen without the coaches yelling whao, whao, you got a little to close there..."back off" . This is nothing like an actual game.. 2nd, Defensive players had Allen all lined up on several occasions in every session just to stop dead in their tracks allowing an easy throw. Happens over and over again...Allen knows nobody will touch him so he takes full advantage of the situation, sometimes he has 5 seconds to scan the field. Shit, I could find an open WR with that much time... 3rd, Camp started with a lot of bump and run BUT that got a little to physical too , so it appears the coaches are protecting the WRs too. 5 yard cushion with little contact. You simply can not give Buffalo's WRs that much freedom. 4th The veteran CBs look fine, but placing Diggs and Davis against rookie corners (with no pressure on Allen) is pretty ridiculous or laughable MY CONCLUSION, this is the favored team to reach the Superbowl and the focus is to prevent injuries NOT make big defensive plays. This is a whossy training camp ....
  3. My mother warned me about these high expectations
  4. His bike riding skill are questionable at best.....kind of wobbly
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