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  1. Because things like this can be prevented. So I blame the enablers.
  2. Do you lick the boot from heel to toe, or toe to heel?
  3. The police let an armed shooter kill 19 people before entering the building. If you think that is/should be the proper procedure, you are the problem. You worship the police. Which is funny, because you unironically have a logo from an anti-cop marvel character as your avatar. dingus.
  4. Take that same logic, and apply it to yourself, dumbass. Which procedure says, don't engage a subject with a gun going into a school and then letting him shoot kids like fish in a barrel for 45 minutes? is that in the police handbook?
  5. the cops didnt want to look like the cowards they are.
  6. 1. I'm not on welfare, never have been. 2. I dont smoke cigarettes. 3. I dont drink Budweiser. 4. I'm not a cop, you know, someone who signs up for that shit. So I will call them pussies for NOT DOING THEIR JOB. Don't tell me how hard it is. You signed up for it, don't be a pussy. Do your job or go home.
  7. PUSSIES. They have all those weapons of war so they can intimidate the rest of the population, not to do anything about a mass shooting. Fucking pathetic.
  8. And this is why the fascists have a disdain for the arts. Art influences culture. They don't like it when their precious culture changes. It gets em faschy in their pantsies.
  9. No one is criticizing him for being black. Inferring that trans people need mercy, as if they have sinned or done something immoral before gOd, that's what leads to resentment and dehumanization. Keep going and that's how we get to violence.
  10. Thats true. I got really high once, passed out and slept with my mouth open all night. Woke up the next morning thinking i couldnt taste anything. I was a little nervous since I had a recent primary exposure. Hot sauce was the first thing I went for!
  11. I think the fact that you lost your sense of smell and taste could be an indicator you had it.
  12. Groot needs to step up his pass rushing. He sounds committed to that and he has a great guy to learn from in Von Miller. One of Aj or Boogie also needs to step it up. Aj shows flashes but needs to be more consistent. Boogie needs to play under more control. He was doing spin moves all the time and looked gassed a lot. Supposedly he came in slimmed down a bit. It would be nice to see him in that 260 range.
  13. Well, if we are going by your testosterone levels argument, obviously it wouldn't be an overnight change. it would take years to complete the transition. But once you start taking those hormones, and continue to take them, you will lose muscle mass and bone density, no matter what. You would never be able to keep that muscular advantage without having high testosterone levels.
  14. Exactly, but then the argument will become, "Well she is bigger, has longer arms, (whatever physiological advantage you want) and they'll say that's why she won. Thats why I brought up Josh Allen. Even in any all male or all female sport, each individual will have their own advantages. Sports are not inherently fair.
  15. Sure, and when hormone therapy can negate that advantage, you concede that there is no longer a competitive advantage? Right?
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