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  1. I dont know, Philly is your friend. You should ask him. Beware, he doesn't like follow up questions. Also, kill yourself in a video game.
  2. If he's healthy he's a solid rotational player.
  3. Edmunds us very good, but he got paid like a great player. Wait a second. You said for weeks now that beane could just draft someone in the 4th round to fill in for Edmunds. Whats wrong with Bernard then? You've avoided all my questions about the topic. But he did draft a guy. A whole round higher too. What's yours? Another 4th rounder?
  4. Not really. It must have went really bad. I must have really hurt your feelings. I mean, you did put me on ignore so you could be in your safespace. Nope. But, I was willing to in "good faith" assume that your arguments weren't retard. I could then and ask you for clarification on your beliefs. Then we could have debated. You want me to treat you like a child? I'm sorry I'm not PC enough for you. Pull your skirt down, your pussy is showing. hey man, honestly, I don't blame you. It would be a blood bath. You would eventually cry like you are now when i ask you basic follow up questions. You'll make fallacious arguments, back pedal, and resort to gish galloping the whole discussion, and then finally- name calling. It's probably a good idea we just skip the debate part. Maybe you'll have a better chance hurling shit. Because that's all your arguments ever are.
  5. You think Edmunds haters are going to settle for 75% of what he did? lol Edmunds had 5 years of experience calling plays and making sure the other 10 guys were in position. I expect a considerable drop off in coverage over the middle. Especially to opposing TEs. The bills were among the best teams against TEs with Edmunds at MLB.
  6. I was in on Edmunds for 13-14 million. maybe 15 on a shorter deal. While he isn't on the same level as the rest of the top tier LBs, he is still a highly regarded player around the league. My issue is that there is now a massive hole in the defense that has been predicated on having an elite athlete at MLB to function. The bills should have went after Okereke if they knew they were not going to sign Edmunds.
  7. I dont think he has the same skill set as Milano. He has similar athleticism though.
  8. I called you names after you acted like a beta boi by deciding not to have a good faith discussion. You can't handle having your beliefs challenged. Its as simple as that.
  9. Can someone define patriotism and religious for me? It's helpful to define terms. Especially if we want to have legitimate good faith discourse.
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