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  1. Yes. If you ask Kanye that question, he says yes. If you ask RichJ that question he will deflect. They are both fascists. The only difference is one is too mentally ill to not give the game away. Rich is smart enough to know you don't say yes because it would be socially destructive for him. He could potentially suffer consequences like losing close relationships with friends and family, or maybe lose his job. Kanye is rich and mentally ill. He has nothing to lose.
  2. If someone says "I'm a nazi" how should they be treated by society?
  3. Would you prefer someone ask you what you prefer to be called, or would you rather correct them after they misgender you? What a stupid hill to die on.
  4. You feel forced to say that you prefer he/him?
  5. so you forced everyone to use the trans person's pronouns. Isn't that exactly what you said you were against?
  6. And if you ask your boss to stop, and they dont, is that harassment?
  7. So you would be okay with your boss misgendering you every day?
  8. They are obviously part of the gay agenda, and you're okay with that?
  9. why dont you move to iran if you dont want to see LGBTQ people.
  10. Hate speech dramatically surges on Twitter following Elon Musk takeover, new research shows | CNN Business
  11. "the boomers sent all the good jobs overseas and raised the prices on everything, just lie down and take it up the ass, otherwise you are entitled"
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