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  1. I think he makes the team. He's the only 220 pound back on the team, and he is still under contract through next year.
  2. Do you have a comment about the facts of the topic? Do you believe that a state legislature should be able to take the power away from voters?
  3. https://www.npr.org/2022/06/30/1107648753/supreme-court-north-carolina-redistricting-independent-state-legislature-theory This will could be the final nail in the coffin for democracy.
  4. @SackMan518 moved the goal posts so many times and then had to shift the conversation away from the topic lolol
  5. The system is so fucked. This is the death spiral of the nation. The average person hates culture war bullshit and is left of center on most economic and social issues. The democratic party establishment won't do anything that would ruffle the feathers of the capitalist class. They will only placate to the left in terms of social issues so that they look better than the Republicans. The Republicans are backed by big oil and Christian fascists. The average voter doesn't want either party. But what's worse than that, is that if a progressive got in power, both parties would do whatever they could to protect the capitalist class. Nothing will change. The average American is stuck between a death cult and corporate lap dogs, with no choice but to watch the slow motion train wreck unfold.
  6. Washington Examiner must be Rinos! The RNC knows the future of the party is DeSantis and they are trying to push the needle in his direction. They know the coup 2 electric bugaloo will be easier this time.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/live-updates/supreme-court-epa-regulate-greenhouse-gas-emissions/
  8. For sure. And he has the speed to run the outside zone.
  9. No it doesn't. It's amazing how low your standards are when it comes to defending your party.
  10. No, you made the claim by showing the video. That's how arguments work. NO. It's liberal teachers who have good intentions I'm sure, but they use poor inclusive messaging. CRT is about looking at the justice system, institutions,and this country through the lense of race. So if we are to take him at his word, it sounds like he just heard poor messaging. You believe anything a 15 year old on the internet tells you as long as it's what you want to hear. LoL it's ok to be dumb. I'm not an ableist.
  11. I'm excited to see what cook adds to the passing game!
  12. You presented this. The burden of proof is on you. Has he brought a lawsuit against the school for discrimination? Boom and right to the name calling because you know you have no good points based in reality. I know what CRT is. You dont have to be an expert to understand at least the basic concepts of CRT. That's like saying "you don't know anything about football, you're no head coach!" Lol U R DUM
  13. Now look at all the company logos they use them in the middle east. Perfect example of corporations following the money. Here, most people support LGBTQ people so they use it as a way to easily pander to a large population in the middle east they pander to conservative people who don't want to see it. They follow the money. They aren't woke like the right stupidly believes. That should be a news flash to conservatives that their beliefs are not popular with the majority of americans. Lalwoke
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