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  1. Renfrow would be nice in the slot. Juedy is the better all around WR. I would love chin, but I don't think it makes sense at this point. Henry would help keep the running game going but I don't think the cap room is there.
  2. Injuries may end up crushing the team's hopes. They definitely need another quick separation WR opposite diggs. Gabe just doesn't have the skill set for that role. I dont think Gabe will ever be worth the money as true #2 or #3 at this point.
  3. Yup. Christianity is a death cult.
  4. Ok, so what is your response/ counter argument? Otherwise you are continuing to put faith over critical thinking because......?
  5. Tactics? You mean questions and follow up questions? Your beliefs are so fragile that when challenged you run away.
  6. Weird. Just to recap... ICR said something you didn't like. I said I don't care. You're still engaging with ICR. But, when I ask questions you say I argued in bad faith once so now you won't engage further. How ironic. You'll continue arguing him but not me. Why is that?
  7. Why did you respond to me at all then? It seems that this is a convenient excuse to not answer my question.
  8. I dont care about what they knew. It's about what God knew. God created beings he knew would not be able to refrain from eating from the tree he also created. Then punished them for it. Does this sound like a rational or just god to you? Explain why.
  9. It's all good. God has commanded the Israelites to commit genocide before. But what you have to remember is that genocide is good if God commands it. *Christian logic*
  10. He's all knowing, so, how could your answer not be an unequivocal, Yes? So if God knew that they would eat from the tree, why would he punish his own creation (and every subsequent generation after) for their own nature? God knew his creation would not obey, because that's how God created them. So why is God so mad about it? God just sounds like an egotistical dick who wants to be worshiped because he has all the power. A just God would not punish the children or the children's children of sinners. Why must I be punished for something I didn't do?
  11. Did God know they would eat from the tree?
  12. Can God create a rock he can not lift?
  13. Sounds like there may have been a power imbalance there, no?
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