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  1. If they aren't leftist, then they are on the right. That was original point to begin with.
  2. From the movie The Other Guys: Allen Gamble: Hey, I didn't know you can dance. Terry Hoitz: We used to do those dance moves to make fun of guys when we were kids to show them how queer they were, okay. Allen Gamble: You learned to dance like that sarcastically? Terry Hoitz: Yeah, I guess.
  3. Ted Cruz’s Bi Daughter OK After Rushed to Hospital, Rep Says (yahoo.com) hopefully the people who can relate to this story can recognize the consequences of their rhetoric.
  4. why would I worry about the number of law abiding citizens owning guns?
  5. You mean the statues erected of confederate racists after jim crow and the civil rights movement just to send a message to African Americans who is still in power? those statues? are random black people far left because they dont want to live in a state where we idealize the symbols of their oppression? I've never had the urge to buy one. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard. good for you.
  6. who said law abiding citizens have to "give up their guns"? Where the fuck did you get that from anything I have said?
  7. yup. and he couldn't handle that. If you're LGBTQ you're just not normal according to him.
  8. hes not going to get it. Hes hung up on one detail, and therefore he is going to use that one detail to say your example is dumb, he has to keep up that plausible deniability that he isn't at least a Nazi sympathizer.
  9. The people shooting up schools, gay bars, shopping malls, and places of worship, aren't psychos? Do I have the right?
  10. It just boils down to an incoherent, irrational, and unfounded fear that LGBTQ people want to diddle his kid.
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