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  1. You support a woman beater and attack someone who doesn't. Lt me tll you a little story. First off I don't live in SC any more and i was not born there. I lived in a small town in a two story bulding in the upstairs apartment. The guy downstairs beat his wife almost daily and noone did anything about it. My wife and I could hear the crying. We complained but noone did anything. She wouldn't leave out of fear. One day i went downstairs and before a word was said he attacked me. I didn't expect it and he got the better of me in that fight. It escalated between us and eventually ended up with shotguns and death threats both ways. The police said they couldn't stop it unless she filed a complaint and she didn't out of fear. I moved out and wnted to meet hime somewhere without witnesses. It didn't happen as i moved away from there. before i moved I ran into his wife. Both eyes black and too terrified to say hello. I felt shame that I didn't finish what i should have. To this day I wish I had shot him or at least beat him with a baseball bat. I've been on this message board for a long time, but if your an administrator I'm gone. Anyone who in any way supports Ray Rice after what was shown on that video is not a man. So go fuck yourself Literate. I hope some day when you are a man and you have a child you don't have to suffer your daughter being treated like that.
  2. Any quote from you Lit is meaningless. You are king turd on all topics. Every day I read posts wondering why such a jerk like you is allowed, but it's the internet and any punk in a basement is allowed to express his thoughts. Anyone who supports Ray Rice is probably someone who has hit a woman or hates their Mother, and a coward.
  3. They all should be banned. So let me get this straight you support punching women in the head................. You supporting him in any way is embarrassing. Think before you write.
  4. To play in the NFL is an honour. You are paid millions to play a tough game. Ray Rice had his chance and showed his true colours and now should be banned for life from the NFL. He should have the right to continue his life as an unknown common worker. It's not like he's walking away with nothing. he's afreakin mulit millionaire. Please quit feeling sorry for a holes.
  5. Are you guy's so blind from wanting to win to even consider signing Ray Rice? That gutless pc of crap doesn't deserve to ever play again in the NFL. Would you want him if he punched your sister in the head and then lied about it? If he signs as a Bill I'm done with franchise. I raised two daughters to have self confidence and don't take crap from men. If ANY man hit one of my daughters I would beat him to an inch of death.
  6. The city streets are planned like spaghetti. Nothing is straight. If you took a pile of spaget's and through it on the table it would look like a map of London. Add everyone on the other side of the road and it's wild. I was in Malaysia and they drive on the other side. I would get a good buzz going and my European friends would have to remind me that I'm not back in America, get back on the other side. I was driving through a suburb there at 2am (hammered)and I went over what felt like a speed bump. It was my usual drive back to hotel so I got out and it was a freaking snake as big around as my leg lying all the way across the road. it was at least 12 feet long. Being a drunk fool I got out and tried to grab it. Never again. That sucker turned on me and I ran.
  7. Spikes was signed for one thing. Stop the upcoming onslaught running Bills game.
  8. The smug arrogance of a lying pc of crap bothers me almost as much as the whiny arrogant owner who thinks he controls the league. If Brady had said " I did take air out of the footballs because I prefer it that way but I thought I was allowed to" I might feel different. But to stand on that podium and lie like a rug shows that he and the Patriots organization think they are above the league. let's see. Spy-gate, manipulating rules, bring out the snow blower to make it easier to kick a field goal,convicted murderer and now doctoring balls. The list goes on. I wish some team would have the balls to tell some back up to go hard for his knees after the whistle and take him out for the year and then the coach get on the podium and say "I didn't tell him to do that";)
  9. Shouldn't you be serving your suspension?
  10. We'll see. I got my Fishhead tix for game 3 yesterday. That is going to be one heck of a game.
  11. For someone who doesn't drink you sure are a surly dickhead.
  12. I take the best Safety or Guard on my draft board. If a ringer falls to that spot like a small school OT,CB,LB with great potential I would look hard. No QB should be drafted in rounds 2/3. There will be a run on RB's in the 2nd round and the Bills might be able to trade down and get an extra 3 if one is desired by someone.
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