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  1. Why would Shiva THE DESTROYER want fascist behavior? he secretly wants fascism to rule? like I told you in a pm, I just would like to know what is really going on. in the world. Who are the puppet masters? who? Bankers? Factions in our/other govts? no one wants to have a convo about Zionists. do they have power? Do they have invisible tentacles around the power elite, telling them to do their bidding? it’s the cunts that never shut up about that, 24/7/365, that neeeeeever enter those conversations. maybe Shiva gets a little tickle on the undercarriage of his scrotum when he thinks that he’s triggering the NSA algorithms, and a guy in a plumbing van is monitoring his every keystroke…
  2. You believe they set charges in the World Trade Center and blew it up, right? that’s a pretty big fakaroo by the govt. no? An entity that could pull that off could easily fake bloody battlefields in the Ukraine, I guess. almost like a David Copperfield, making the Statue Of Liberty disappear. al-Zawahiri was “reported” possibly killed at least twice previously. im not attacking you personally, so why do you feel you have to defend “yourself”? you only have to defend your position. which is: the US Govt lies about EVERYTHING. There might be bits of truth in it to lend credence to it, but we are being played by very bad people deep in the bowels of our govt.
  3. If anything can be faked, what possible proof would satisfy you? even if it was dna, you could challenge the chain of evidence, etc. The thing that would puzzle me is, Al-Zawahiri was reported dead many times, but never would the government confirm it. they could have put that guy to bed many times, but didn’t. I feel dirty trying to play devils advocate on the side of the Great Satan😂😂
  4. just was trying to do my part to make you seem more rational, and not the noodlebrain you sound like. I’m not arguing with the premise, that more regulations, restrictions and penalties on our devices and internet use are more govt control. doesn’t sound good to me.
  5. Duke, you can’t make yourself this stupid if you want to be a successful troller. throw a little bit of common sense into the mix every once in a while. maybe make it 70% bat-shit crazy palaver, and 30% sensible talk. I'm starting to wonder if you are actually a program, maybe some prototype of ChatGPT, that was released onto the web mistakenly, or something.
  6. I gotcha, my man! its: Canadianbeersareskunky.com Make your payments care of: Haywood Jablome P.O. Box 6969
  7. The Peacock is the RuPaul of birds.
  8. Um, the Chevy woulda made it. but he carts the Popes fat ass around in it, so take a bit off that mileage. https://insideevs.com/reviews/441475/chevy-spark-ev-70-mph-range/
  9. Just for clarification, since you’ve made this equivalence before, being right-side dominant or left-side dominant, is the same thing as a sexual preference?
  10. How much is that? asking for a friend in Hamilton Ontario.
  11. You must have hung out in Ft. Erie’s seedier “hotels” 😂 actually, Canadian Mist was triple distilled, smooth for “beginners”.😎
  12. That was bandied about for years. but you made it sound like a fact without providing any proof. Id like to trust you on this one, FB, don’t let me down!
  13. Fuck the 1974-1975 Philadelphia Flyers! And Bernie Parent! In the ass! Sideways! may the “The Broadstreet Bullies” rot in the deepest darkest godawful befoulment of the inner sanctum of Don Lemons asshole. everybody else I’ve met from Philly were cool, man 😎
  14. The first soldier pushed aside two women who tried to protect Bin Laden, apparently fearing they were wearing suicide vests, while the second opened fire on the al-Qaida leader, hitting him in the head and chest. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/may/17/osama-bin-laden-guns-found-after-killing the articles of the time said they were told to assume he was wearing one. not saying it isn’t bullshit, but it “was the word on the street 👀”
  15. “Take off, hoser! Eh?” I learned everything I know about North America because of these guys! They’ve never been given enough credit for teaching us ugly Americans about their beloved kanata.
  16. There was talk of OBL always wearing (or keeping with him) a suicide vest* I’m not saying that isn’t misinfo, but * or homicide vest, if you’re a Fox News type.
  17. That’s true. Maybe. They could have evidence they choose not to disclose, but you’re right, they’ve proven nothing.
  18. JC: “Your Honor, I would now like to call Marisa Tomei to be sworn in and proceed to sit on my face.”
  19. It’s not like I don’t enjoy Canadian beers spikey, I was drinking Molson’s while you were still popping zits in front of your mom’s bathroom mirror. did you ever drink Genesee Cream Ale? I liked that crap too at one time. Yuck.
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