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  1. relax, I checked her serial number. She was built in 2004…
  2. Joanne Of The Ark was 17 when she was sent to war by Charles. she wouldn’t have been able to dress sexy and pose in this forum. I picture her as Emily Blount, in Edge Of Tomorrow sexy…
  3. “Is that seven business days, old chap?”.
  4. Ok. This one is making me believe there is a God…
  5. He’s a shit-stirrer, but there are a lot of them here. but, if you have a serious accusation, you need to back it up. He did not. I’ve seen girls that look 16, and they aren’t 21, they are 29! nobody, including Hip, wants child sexuality on display here. I’m sure Lit doesn’t.
  6. Desperation. and, who knows what they are told or “promised”?. the saddest case I ever heard of was from Canada. 50 Newfies froze to death in January when they were smuggled over the border to the US in a refrigerated vehicle. they had to chip them out one by one. Stupid Newfies.
  7. I just wanna say my dog was fully vaccinated and was wearing protection. RIP Jupiter.
  8. Meh. That sounds like a Hallmark movie. What about a Castle? Range members are out driving on a dark stormy night in an unspecified European country, when their Bills backers bus breaks down. Finding shelter in the castle of a creepy Baron, they are unceremoniously dispatched by gruesome medieval torture devices. you know, House On Haunted Hill, Ten Little Indians and a lot of the eurotrash Giallo movies I like 🤣
  9. Yo mama took about 3 minutes……. HEY! THAT WAS A YO MAMA JOKE! They don’t count as family insults! 🤣🤣
  10. Right now he’s on self-ban, even though his ban was pardoned, because it was an apparent unfair banishment. I’ve never been so on-the-edge-of-my-seat about what happens next!
  11. I think that was other people on account of the….DUN DUN DUN… “The KimChi Affair”. apparently calling a Korean woman a Korean dish of veggies is racist. Who knew?
  12. have some choo-choo porn TWD. a real woman would probably kill you…………
  13. He might be mistaken about the HK/monkey statement. but there are at least 4 guys here who posted ape pics and unflattering pics directed at her. please, if anyone thinks I’m an asshole, that’s fine. I’m bulletproof, you can’t hurt me. Just ignore me. but, why do you (anyone) have to attack family members? anything goes nowadays, but I was never cool with trashing presidential children just because you didn’t like the parents either (Chelsea, Malia, etc). the internet and social media makes us crass and unrefined. no, that’s not right. We ALLOW ourselves to be that way. Because that’s really who we are deep down inside.
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