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  1. If God is happy with the world, so am I. he has the only power to fix things. he doesn’t. apparently Satan runs the world with gods blessing, and Gods appointed time to settle all bets is nigh, but……….not yet. so…….we wait. Ive always been impressed with the steely resolve of God, who can watch his children in abject misery, knowing he could end it with a flick of the wrist, but doesn’t. I’d be a lousy God, I have to much empathy.
  2. I regret this situation greatly. He did apologize, and I’m okay with it. Id be happy to have this thread deleted, if you wouldn’t mind, Lit.
  3. Another fucking lie. I said I UNDERSTOOD THEM. I was raised in a high control religion. A cult. It fits Hassan’s BITE model perfectly. It fucked me up terribly. PTSD-type shit. I left that life a looooong time ago, and have a completely different worldview. I understand them. Doesn’t mean I agree with them, you assfuck. why I thought you should stick around, is because you are one of the few people here willing to speak on that side, as someone who understands that stuff. you have a big ego, it’s not like anyone is going to make you cry, right? I told you where I stood as far as trans, at this moment in time. But it’s not enough for you, so you do family attacks, which you know I’ve spoken against repeatedly.
  4. You useless cocksucker, I never said I was against your community. I made the CORRECT observation. ask Anheiser-Busch. everybody is a bigoted piece of shit but you. yeah okay.
  5. Go fuck yourself. you said you’d discuss this with anyone that was debating/arguing in good faith. but the second the narrative strays from what you believe, you get fucking retarded. this fucking puke just pm’ed me that he was glad my son blew his brains out. I wonder what a world of people like you would be?
  6. Put the pm on here, you fucking liar! this guy is a fruitcake. I said it’s MY FUCKING OPINION, that they are pushing too hard and too fast and there is backlash! isn’t that fucking obvious? but this buffoon makes it something else.
  7. Stop lying, cuntlips. why you would say such a thing, I don’t understand.
  8. ICR^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is what I highlighted that I agree with. (It’s obvious)
  9. Could you provide a link please? it seems that securing our schools with armed guards will become a thing in the near future. maybe after the next one? Or the one after that. there will be more dead kids in the future. but, everyone, please continue to hunker down on your position, whatever it is.
  10. Ok, my bad, dukester. have a cookie.
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