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  1. So, this was a girl? Since pink was a boys color prior to the 1940’s?
  2. I’ve had 3 so far, and one scheduled March 2. I started them at 50 by my doctor’s recommendation, since my dad had colon cancer. my doc works with an anesthesiologist, so after about 96 Mississippi, I’m out. Once I woke up and saw the tv screen he uses to see the scope, my gerbil looked terrified. Shoulda warned him. every time they’ve found a polyp, so I’m not a perfect asshole. thank you science👍.
  3. Shoot it down when it’s on the eastern seaboard well within our territorial waters, so it sinks into the Atlantic
  4. Is anyone making bets on this balloon yet? over/under on it getting shot down/ disabled?
  5. Um, there’s 72 people that were in jeopardy. CAN’T TAKE THE RISK!
  6. I was told by a poster here that he believes they do. I think that is a win/win. to be aborted and sidestep this shitshow here would be a blessing, no? unless we have to share Heaven with Canadians, then I’m not sure…
  7. You sound like Trump, are you running for office or out to fuck someone out of money or something? I have some coupons for The Beer Store, I could swing by and drop them off next time I’m at IKEA. I was once in the Irish Special Forces, I know what beer means to a Canadian.
  8. We all know God is bad with money. That’s why they are always asking for it. but he did provide lunch and wine on occasion, I would expect that. I'm hinting at a bit of cheapness in you
  9. Can I still say the Pledge Of Allegiance To The United States every morning? Whats the pay? do I have to be on the same team as the fat bald guy?
  10. He threw down the gauntlet when he said our beloved rodent was going to get anally raped! are you for anal rape now? Where’s your sense of decency? you are one classless motherfucker, fear reelz!
  11. I could possibly be one of your sycophants, but I need to clarify something. do I need to get a big gut and tits and shave my head? I do look “spikedashing in a tux, though
  12. Is this just a thought the OP has, or is this something being talked about? can’t see that going well.
  13. We already own Canada. Thats why we send them planes they don’t want. We probably charge them retail too. no fambly an frens fo Hamilton!
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