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  1. I can see all the RWNJ's applauding this one. Hell we've had Christian leaders (sic) over here go to other countries to help get such legislation passed.
  2. I'm sure all you misogynistic pigs here would love to be able to get away with this. Seems to be fairly common over there. well this and gang rapes. Teen girl in India stabbed to death in public, reigniting outrage over violence against women https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/30/india/india-delhi-girl-murder-video-outrage-intl-hnk/index.html
  3. You guys got the misogyny part down for sure. Pathetic. I feel for your wives or girl friends.
  4. I'm witholding judgement till I know more and hear from the progressive caucus. Try to be a little specific please. about your 'they gave away too much)? Most Dem lib sites I'm seeing aren't thrilled but they think we did alright. I really don't like this one: New work requirements for food assistance (a GOP demand), raising the age of non-dependent recipients to 54, from 49, exempting veterans and the homeless. I suspect this may lead to more homelessness. Thankfully Medicaid left untouched. Biden protected his student loan debt cancellation and his climate change achievements that GOP wanted to repeal.
  5. Well it appears DARK BRANDON has pulled it off and we have a budget deal, at least in principle. A few things in there I don't like, but you can't always get what you want. Though most think we could have by invoking the 14th amendment. Biden may have felt that that was a politically wrong move. And still the thought of default and its consequences. One of the best parts is the Dems got the debt ceiling extended for two years, which means it won't come up again till after the 2024 election. the Dems are thrilled about that part. The House Freedom Caucus is livid cause they didn't come close to getting what they wanted. This may very well mark the end of McCarthy's tenure. Another loss for El Trumpo as he had been lobbying Republicans to not make a deal and thereby force a default. That's just a few thoughts, it will certainly be all over the news with many others. What I'm seeing thus far: Non-defense discretionary spending only goes up 1% this year. Non-enforceable limits on appropriations beyond this year. IRS funding to go after tax cheats redirected toward domestic programs to avert cuts. (This one is bullshit, a gift to the oligarghs and corporations) New work requirements for food assistance (a GOP demand), raising the age of non-dependent recipients to 54, from 49, exempting veterans and the homeless. Medicaid left untouched. The GOP budget recently passed added work requirements to that program (and others) as well Deal last for two years, beyond next presidential election My condolences to all you RWNJ's here getting bitch slapped by Biden again. j/k
  6. Maybe we think you're poison for kids? And calling someone "groomers"?? Really?? WTF Are you like totally retarded? If he actually knew who you were he could sue you for defamation. And have a good chance of winning.
  7. More insults and nothing of imort Maybe if you pull your tongue of your mothers ass it might help you get more oxygen to your brain to actually post somthing that actually has some intelligence embedded. Maybe ull your tongue out of your mothers ass to get some oxygen to your brain
  8. That's the most dangerous thing Trump did (that we know of so far) was to create doubt and disbelief of many of our institutions and getting the majority of the Republicans to sow disbelief in and label all news aside from right leaning stations,as fake news. Like really? If you can't discern fake news from reality on your own you're already fucked.You just make yourself vulnerable to the propaganda they feed you and you embrace.
  9. Cute! Another homophobe chimes in. Oh wait one of you RWNJ morons yesterday claimed there was no such thing as homophobia. LMAO Than a post later he claims not to have said it. There's no reasoning with people like that.
  10. He may be partly right , they may not have said all, but you gotta be an idiot to think Trump wouldn't pardon them ALL. DeSantis also. But even suggesting they would pardon many of them is an affront to our democracy.
  11. As the saying goes: You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.
  12. I know, but it's still just propaganda in true extremist style. And as much as I try to not use the term, the Nazi's really were masters of it. But never forget, per one of his wives, Trump used to keep a book of Hitlers speeches bedside to read.
  13. Did you see any film of the Neo Nazi Rally last weekend in Ohio? Scary shit.
  14. Not quite sure what you're saying there. Are you saying trump wasn't lying about his claims that election was stolen?
  15. So MTG came out and says she refuses to WEAR the vaccine!! True! She really said that.You can't make that shit up. Explains a lot of why so many of you right wingers are so ignorant.
  16. The NRA and gun manufacturers would not be happy about that.
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