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  1. Trump is nowhere near as wealthy as he puts on. And when convicted his bank account is gonna take a big, big hit.
  2. Trump is going down like Capone did. More than enough tax evasion to get him imprisoned, though I'm not sure the country has the stomach to do the right thing and send him to jail upon conviction.
  3. They were never gonna win them all. Just hoping they walk away with lessons learned.
  4. You really are an idiot. I wasn't equating nothing. You're trying to make it sound like anyone can say anything. Well Einstein they can't. Even most stupid people know that.
  5. You're the one who needs to BE educated. You and all your right wing buddies. Despite what you may want to think, and I'll say it slowly for you,: YOU CAN'T YELL FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER.
  6. LMFAO One jury has already disagreed with your ignorance, with more to come. So Eat **** and ***. LOL
  7. Something wrong with you dude. Seriously wrong. It wasn't an opinion he held, he was propagating lies that he no doubt knew were lies, for the sole purpose of riling up his audience. He inflicted enormous amounts of pain on families who had lost children, and to you it's like no big deal. cuz you're just another right wing POS like he is and lying comes as natural to you like it does to Trump. He's already lost one court case, and is sure to lose more and God willing he is left penniless for his lies and hatred and pain he has inflicted. FU him, and FU.
  8. I hope he suffers as much pain as he inflicted on the parents of children killed at Sandy Hook.
  9. I've had a hard time deciding if you are just a troll, or if you are just retarded. Than it came to me. Of course it can be both. You're just a retarded troll. lol
  10. That's really all you got, some stupid gif you constantly repost. Pathetic. Just as pathetic is your ignorance in believing him when he says he could declassify documents just by thinking about it. You are the one with TDS for believing that.
  11. Faggot!!!??? Oh that's nice. What an asshole!
  12. You are so pathetic dude. His post went right over your head. Grow up already.
  13. Too fked up to even want to think about it. I'm in one of the ground zero points, which I'm ok with, not sure I'd want to live through the aftermath of the unthinkable. Question is, what would be your solution to avoid this? Give Putin Ukraine or any other country that once made up the USSR? Cuz I'm pretty sure that's a big part of his objective. And lets say Putin does resort to using nukes, would you try and justify it in anyway whatsoever? Right now I'm just praying Russia's deep state can handle this and Putin, whatever it takes.
  14. I'm sure Republicans and idiot right wingers here believe this.
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