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  1. Shiva, your Russophilia is so played. You need a new shtick.
  2. The "liberal loving media! lmfao That's beyond ignorant. That's like Trump level stupid. This is all the Republicans will be doing for the next two years , making shit up to investigate so people like Shiva and all the halfwits here that have nothing whatsoever to offer, aside from more tax breaks for the wealthiest, and bigotry and corruption. Those asswipes went after Hillary too, and she wiped the floor with them, sitting for something like11 hours taking questions from the Neanderthals and they walked away with nothing. Cuz there was nothing there. Trump just pled the 5h 400 times yesterday. "You see the mob takes the fifth". Donald Trump Only idiots don't know Trump is mobbed up. He was so in NJ in the casinos. He was so in the construction trades in NYC And most definitely with the Russian mob to whom he sold tons of property at highly inflated prices. But I digress. I only hope Hunter is innocent and can kick their asses like Hillary did.
  3. It's not a baby. And you have no right to tell a woman what she can do with her body. This wouldn't even be an issue if not for fking religion or if males were being forced to give birth.
  4. Somewhat hilarious, a bunch of right wing, white males on a sports blog trying to tell women what they can do with their bodies. Fkin assholes Deny it all you want, but you can bet your ass if it was men having babies, abortion would never have been illegal.
  5. You need to stay off 'Truth Social' Shiva.
  6. For all the right wingers here. LOL
  7. If I was a racist, I'd rather be that than a pedophile like you. Now go pull your dick out of Rich's ass and wash it off.
  8. Most pigs either lean or are totally right wing. So fk yoju and your "democrat controlled shitholes"..
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