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  1. Well when you're the favorite 95% of the time as they have been the last 3 and a half years very few opportunities to upset someone.. lol classic shitty thread from sean that I can wipe my ass with lol
  2. In the mcdermott Era the bills have a 4-2 against the jets in the Meadowlands lol how exactly is a winning record in the Meadowlands always getting their asses handed to them
  3. Karlaftis had 6 sacks last year lol how sean thinks he's considerably better than Rousseau is laughable
  4. Your neighborhood isn't as affluent as I pictured
  5. Your 1st 3 picks are reaches... and you're not getting a 2nd round pick for gabe davis
  6. Who is wrong more sean or mixum
  7. Love the mock draft.. but it's going to take more than a 4th rounder to trade up to get skoronski... and mauch may not last until the 3rd round
  8. Aren't you the guy that accused allen of getting some woman in Buffalo pregnant... get a life
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