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  1. Biden is getting impeached in the House. Lets see if the scumbag democrats in the Senate have the spine to impeach him also.
  2. I wish black people would stop calling themselves that.
  3. 2 of the biggest Bills haters I have read are pretend Bills fans on message boards. Sean and that Op douche at the BFZ.
  4. Lots of lucky breaks last year for the Chiefs. They are not making the playoffs this year. Their window is closed.
  5. Just last year Adams was welcoming immigrants to NYC. Wonder what happened?
  6. That wasn’t us, we are the victims damn you.
  7. That is funny. Scalise gets shot, Kavanaugh almost gets murdered, 8 years of attacks on Trump or anything associated with him, lefty politicans calling for attacks on the right, Jane Fonda calling for the killings of those on the right, Kyle Rittenhouse almost getting murdered by 3 of the left followers...yeah sure, go ahead and play victim.
  8. What law enforcement academy did you attend?
  9. I’m not the one pretending to know anything about police training.
  10. If you were training someone to drive, would you tell them to drive forward when someone is in front of your automobile? Would you also tell them to ignore a Police officers orders? Scratch the 2nd question, of course you would
  11. Like you know anything about police training.
  12. Let me know when the shirts go on sale. Ill buy 6.
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