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  1. I'm shocked no team has picked up a 2022 Pro Bowler. Poor Rodger, looking for a team when he knows he has plenty left in the tank. The gas tank of his car.
  2. Will someone please hire Boyd as GM next year so we can get some extra draft picks.
  3. No. Martin's contract has guarantees this year that makes it crazy to cut him. https://overthecap.com/player/sam-martin/2246
  4. This year is 2023 & the story refers to a 2020 draft choice who was released in 2021, For reference: Arnette entered the 2021 season as a backup cornerback behind Trayvon Mullen and Casey Hayward. He suffered a groin injury in Week 4 and was placed on injured reserve.[21] The Raiders released him on November 8, 2021, after the discovery of a video showing him brandishing firearms and making death threats.[22]
  5. On another thread it was said Araiza told News Nation that he's thinking of suing the girl's attorney. He must have read my message above.
  6. She has nothing. Better to sue the lawyer who took the case & started what is now obviously a frivolous lawsuit.
  7. This makes no sense. The Chiefs have home games vs the Eagles & Bengals this year. Why the 9-8 Lions?
  8. So is the house in West Seneca or Orchard Park?
  9. Why is a transgender woman like a baseball count? Two balls, one strike.
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