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  1. I can’t wait until 2026 for this dude to be used, utilized, or whatever the fuck needs to be done. Watching the Lions rookie tight end doing what everyone was saying Kincaid should be doing is pissing me off.
  2. Yup…not sure what magically is gonna change but this is EXACTLY what I envisioned. I’m to the point where it really doesn’t fucking matter if we draft a weapon in the first round or two. Meanwhile Sam LaPorta looks like what most thought Kincaid would look like. Dude already has 22 catches for 250 and a TD. 17 rookies have more yards than Kincaid as well….a lot of dudes I never heard of. Defensive centric teams with defensive head coaches won’t and can’t develop young tight ends or receivers. This team is still Diggs and Allen Bills better find more options in 48 hours
  3. Reason #4 I told Goodell to fuck himself and leave it at Sunday at 1…
  4. Once again I was watching highlights…I mean lowlights…of the Jets game and of course there’s Zach Wilson completely throwing up all over myself. And I ask ‘why God? why don’t we face this version of Zach Wilson?’ The more he plays the more embarrassing that loss gets by the week…
  5. Proof that this isn’t about pressure, sacks, Jimmy G or Sam Howell…this was your pathetic attempt to scour around looking for me saying “the Bills would lose” or something of the ilk….and now you’re baiting me into saying something about this Sunday now. You’re pathetic.
  6. Why don’t the Jets just fucking tank for Caleb Williams? Oh because that will make 3 first round qbs they’ll ruin in 6 years? Lol fucking clowns.
  7. Fun fact…Sam Howell is among the league leaders of hanging on to the ball…while Jimmy G…and Tua…have some of the quickest release times in the league. Wave that flag though…
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