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  1. Riddle me this? it was pretty obvious Miami’s defense sent the house on almost every play. Sometimes they got burned. But when they weren’t burned that got Allen frustrated or had him check down to fullbacks and slow running backs. It worked. Allen was under constant pressure. So here’s my question… WHY THE FUCK ARE WE NOT DOING THAT ON DEFENSE? I mean I thought we were a defensive first team. Nobody thought of that? I want this defensive line to look like Miami's yesterday. Why cant we do this to Mahomes? I said this after the Jags game…how did the “elite” Jags defense make us look like shit last year? Yet are supposed elite defense can only muster one sack? (Not counting the pointless one on Bridgewater). WHAT THE FUCK!?
  2. Yet fucktards keep saying it’s a travesty that he gets passed over for HC job when anyone with half a brain can see it’s Andy Reid calling the plays.
  3. Look at the NFL’s Twitter account under the final score of the game. You got Eagles fans saying the Bills have the worst secondary in the league. You got Niner fans saying the Bills have the worst oline in the league. Only people in Buffalo and Miami knows the injuries this team had to endure. Only Bills fan will bring up the injuries. Seriously. People think that’s our starting secondary out there.
  4. I think he means 0 for his last 7.
  5. Maybe but everyone is indeed laughing at the Bills. And I know wHo cArEs right? Last I checked this is a Bills forum and this is bills related. Sorry it’s not rainbows and sunshine.
  6. Cry like Dorsey is? Or do you think that’s me in the video? Or did you think I made that video? Or that meme? Or are you thinking I made this up? fAkE nEwS erRr. Or do you think this is some mass conspiracy I contrived to fuck with you? Lol calm down you moron.
  7. At least I don’t bet against the Bills you clown.
  8. Wait? Huh? Moron betted against the Bills? BWAHAHAHAHA. What a clown. He should be ban from the Range forever.
  9. Well when management thinks wE nEeD tO sAcK mAhOmES to win a Lombardi that’s what will happen. And two straight years…plus yesterday again showed how folly that is. PedoDefendo @daryls61has told us that Allen will make anyone and everyone on offense elite so fuck it.
  10. Only D lineman’s name I heard was Rousseau. Against scrubs….
  11. It was. They showed this during the live broadcast literally seconds after the clock hit 0.
  12. Until they win the big one I’ll be critical of their short comings. Done are the days praying for .500 and accepting average play and be thankful we have a football team. And right now I don’t see a plan. What are we? Do the Bills want to be a high flying offense or play 1975 football? Which is it? Kelly had Reed, Thurman, and Lofton. Allen has….Diggs. Cant have that. But hey! Groot had two sacks! *slow clap*
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