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  1. Hence why I said you don’t draft DB in the first round. So you’re thinking the Bills were doomed no matter what? Chiefs would have scored with 13 seconds left regardless of opponent? Interesting.
  2. The good teams with good qbs will simply get the ball out fast or side step the pass rush or worse have a guy like Mahomes and Lamar take off for 20 yards. Remember the first half of the playoff game? Mahomes was easily escaping the pass rush and running untouched. I remain skeptical that sAcKinG tHe qB wins you Super Bowls. It’s not fucking 1995. And if we have noobs at DB they’re going to get burned on check downs to Hill, Chase, Kupp etc.
  3. Where did I say eLaM iS a BuST? 🤡
  4. When the guy picked in the 6th round looks better than the guy you pick in first round is proof you don’t blow first round picks on defense…especially DBs.
  5. Paul Hamilton is on record of saying that the only way the Bills are ever winning a championship….AFC or NFL is if the bills win big…and I agree 100%. He doesn’t think McDermott has what it takes to win those close games in big moments. It’s what got marty schottenheimer fired. Blowing big games.
  6. Yup…studies have shown qbs are more likely to get hurt when they get blasted in the pocket….which is how he got hurt his rookie year.
  7. Where did I say the bILLs DoNT sCoRe eNouGh?
  8. And I approve. Next best thing. Only downside is Diggs is now pushing 30.
  9. Reports say Elam looks like he’s ‘trying too hard’. Welp. For the 627th time…for all the fuckers in the back…I’ve said for years…our best players on defense…with the exception of Tre White…have been free agent pick ups(Hyde, Miller, Poyer) trades(Jerry Hughes)and low round draft picks(Milano, Taron Johnson). I believe the system makes average players good to great. Stop fucking blowing first rounders…even fucking second rounders…on defense. Oliver is on the verge of joining White so we’ll see. But Edmunds? Epenesa? Basham? Rousseau we’ll see…but the dude fell off the map after the chiefs game. 1st rounders should always be used to help your franchise qb. 5 years with Allen now and not a single first round pick made to help him. Lord fuck a duck!
  10. When’s the last time Josh Allen dominated an opponent by just standing in the pocket? 😐 I’m in favor of eliminating the designed runs up the middle but the other stuff? Oh hell no. in every big Josh Allen win there were 3-4 huge Allen runs..either by design (the first series against the chiefs the first game) or off structured (both playoff games). the whole “only let him run in the playoffs” is folly because making Allen play 1975 football means we will probably most definitely not be getting the one seed. Sure it might be enough to get to the playoffs but I’m sick of that shit man. Get the fucking one seed. I’m done going to Arrowhead. Fuck that noise. Ball out. Get the one seed and fucking win a god damn Lombardi. After that sure…put Allen in mothballs and play 1975 football.
  11. People thought that last year…and what happened? A boring ass, predictable offensive performance that led to a loss at home against the Steelers.
  12. This is how I EXACTLY feel about this upcoming season on offense. I’ve been saying it since we drafted Allen….McConservative wants/envy’s the Tennessee Titans offense. He now has a young coordinator to boss around. Calling it now….week 1 against the Rams…it’s gonna be run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. Might even throw some run, run, run in there too. FUCK
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