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  1. As a point of conjecture….regarding 13 seconds….wasn’t there news that Levi Wallace…among others fucked up? They were told what to do and they fucked it up.
  2. Garbage? LOL I’d take all of them over Gabe Davis, except maybe Brown. Brown and Davis are about the same.
  3. And for reference the Bills offense was 23rd in total offense in 2019 what the fuck was McBeane thinking? hEy oUr oFFenSe sUckeD LasT yeaR….ummmm….LeTs dRafT a nOse TacKLe aT #9!!! aNd tHen dRafT a rB aNd tE wHo HarDLy eVEr cAugHt pAsSes iN cOLLeGe fucking morons
  4. But here’s the thing…… THE BILLS WERE THE #2 DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE THAT PREVIOUS SEASON! I remember sharing a draft grade of the Oliver pick (think it was Sports Illustrated) that gave the pick a C- calling it a luxury pick that they didn’t need.
  5. Exactly…for some reason they are terrified of getting burned. But what was eye opening THIS season was when we played teams with elite receivers WE GOT FUCKING BURNED. For the first time in years the defense was bend AND break. Miami, Vikings, Cincy, Detroit..fuck even the Pats the second game dunked on our asses deep. What a fucking horrible defensive strategy.
  6. And I’ll always blame the players over the scheme. Fuck scheme. If you’re good or great it doesn’t matter what scheme you play in. Look at Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson, and AJ Klein…..when all three left the Bills they were hot garbage. Then like magic they were solid to good sometimes great for the Bills. Im beginning to think it’s the players now….they blow.
  7. Not when they drafted 3 defensive ends with their first three picks in two years starting in 2020….it goes back further than that. It was the draft after Allen’s rookie season. After watching a season where our future franchise qb was throwing to Zay Jones and Kelvin Benjamin I and some others were CONVINCED they were going to draft a stud WR…or two…to help Allen. Why? All the draft experts were proclaiming that draft class was LOADED with studs at receiver. AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, Terry McLaurin, Hollywood Brown, Mecole Hardman, Dionta Johnson…. After watching how shitty our offense was I thought for sure we’d draft one of these guys… But no…Ed Oliver…lol. Ed fucking Oliver. What’s worse? The Bills didn’t draft a single WR in this draft LOLOLOLOLOL. It was right there I knew this front office DIDNT GIVE A FUCK about Allen, the offense, or common sense.
  8. If a noob like me was saying we need to build around our franchise qb 5 FUCKING YEARS AGO and this front office still hasn’t done it…and are now suffering the consequences of NOT doing that…then WHAT THE FUCK are we doing? Who the FUCK has any hope they’ll all of a sudden “get it”. I don’t! Some folks are saying the Bills Super Bowl window is closed…it’s hard to disagree with them. They FUCKED up this roster the weekend after drafting Josh Allen…
  9. True. After the AFCCG the Chiefs hobbled into that Super Bowl and roundly got their asses kicked because Mahomes was a gimp and half of his OL was out. Naturally Mahomes was pummeled. Halfway thru that game I said ‘oh fuck! McBeane is going to think that’s how you beat the Chiefs! Rushing the passer! FUUUUUUUUUUUCK’ and sure enough that’s EXACTLY what they did. They then proceeded to draft 3 defensive ends with their first three picks in two years. I can’t believe they were that dumb. They are learning….they are just learning the wrong fucking shit. I guarantee you they saw that Cincy Chief playoff game and walked away saying sEE yOu cAn bEaT tHe bEnGaLs bY rUshInG tHe pAsSeR
  10. Here’s my thing with Edmunds… He’s a top 20 pick. We moved up to draft him. Drafted AFTER him were linebackers: Darius Leonard…the fucking defensive rookie of the year and fucking stud and Fred Warner. I don’t watch every nfl game yet I hear these dudes names mentioned ALL THE FUCKING TIME MAKING PLAYS FOR THEIR TEAMS! Edmunds started to make an impact halfway thru THIS season…and then, like always, didn’t hear shit from him come playoff time. I think the Cincy game sealed his fate. deuces
  11. If we run it back with this same team next year? We getting rolled I’m sorry. And this is what that sounds like. All these pay Poyer, pay Edmunds, pay Motor chants are hilarious.
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